Activate/Use iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 with GoPhone Prepaid SIM Card

Please PM me if you would like a Lockerz invite! I ordered an AT&T GoPhone 3G SIM Card off eBay and called AT&T to have them activate it. It took 10 minutes, then the lady gave me my number. I then went to Walgreens and bought a Pay As You Go card. I called 611 and got the .99 unlimited texting package. I am now using my iPhone 3G with a prepaid service. IMEI Number if you need one: 011817001806540 (PS- THE 3G SERVICE DOESN’T WORK FOR ME BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE 3G WHERE I LIVE, SO EVEN THOUGH IT’S A 3G SIM CARD, I UNFORTUNATELY HAVE TO USE EDGE, BUT IT’S NO BIG DEAL.) Follow me on Twitter:

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