Anonymous – Our Warning to Vic Toews & the Parliament of Canada

*Vic Toews – – (613) 992-3128* Read the deleted Vikileaks tweets here: Contact information for every MP who voted yes on Bill C-11, the Canadian version of SOPA, can be found at the following link: Though it is not widely known, you can call your federal MP at their Ottawa office, toll-free, from anywhere in Canada via the Library of Parliament at 1-866-599-4999. Demand that Vic Toews step down, and that the intrusive, exploitative Bills C-30 & C-11 be scrapped in their entirety. We will do our duty; it is time for Canada to do hers. ***Transcript*** Hello, Mr. Toews. We are Anonymous. We warned you not to force your abhorrent spying legislation onto the Canadian people. You did not heed our warnings. Now you will be exposed for the hypocrite that you are: A man who believes registering a lethal weapon is an unfair invasion of privacy, but demands that the public’s information be logged for use by the authorities. A man who declares marriage and the family to be sacred institutions, but commits adultery and impregnates his mistress, and then abandons his own child. A man who demands his country spy on the Canadian people’s private activities, but demands a parliamentary investigation when fully accessible public records about his own personal life are exposed. Mr. Toews, you are now literally a joke in the eyes of the internet, the Canadian public, and the world. You will cease your efforts to defy the will of your own

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