Attempting to make a Public Records Request

Attempting to make a public records request at the Clearwater Police Department in Clearwater Florida. A curious officer didn’t necessarily stop me, but he made it a point to identify me before…

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    1. Pinellas Resident Says:
    2. Arak Seepoom Says:

      thanks for exposing this stupid sargent. too bad the gestapo is gone. oh
      wait . . . it isn’t gone–you were recording it. thanks for standing up
      for our rights.

    3. NikonShooterPC Says:

      Nice – job, keep it up. Make a public records request for the Sgt’s
      pics/video and any e-mails that occurred that day and the next day
      concerning public records requests. Ask for his salary as well while you
      are at it. Interesting take on the public records request when they ID you
      (by license) when the law says you may remain anonymous – might be worth
      following up to see about a court challenge to their behavior – not sure,
      but did he essentially violated the FL records law by IDing you.

    4. rex gorgar Says:

      5:48 – 5:50 you do not have to allow him to take your picture. you can
      block your face any way you want.

    5. rex gorgar Says:

      Officers who needlessly pull information or photographs from D.A.V.I.D.
      that would otherwise be private could face criminal charges, sanctions or
      disciplinary action.
      The Florida Department of Law Enforcement tracks D.A.V.I.D. violations as
      “misuse of official position,” but that category includes other violations.

    6. rex gorgar Says:

      FOIA request Sergeant W. Hodgson’s activity on D.A.V.I.D.including “misuse
      of official position” category.

    7. Attempting to make a Public Records Request Says:

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