Banned from Tucson Police Headquarters for Making Public Records Request.

TUCSON, Ariz. (EMSN) –

48 Responses to “Banned from Tucson Police Headquarters for Making Public Records Request.”

  1. MazMaslin Says:

    WTF? Any links to this guys previous encounters?

  2. posting id Says:

    It’s a shame that Officer Butthurt disappeared so that you could point him
    out at the end of your video. Definitely file a harassment complaint
    against him!

  3. therobsta Says:

    Holy crap what is up with their sketchy behavior? I like how they encounter
    you in groups, as if to intimidate you. Can they prove that you are just
    “hanging around” other than their BS hearsay?

  4. Big Joe Says:

    WTF is this mascarade ? This continent IS turning into faschism pretty
    At 8:50, you got Sherlock himself,,,I’d say you’re not banned because
    you’re in,,this guy is a hell of an investigator ! Cops got to vote who’s
    coming in ? WTF …cops covering their backs on everyway they can, I
    suppose you “resisted” them in the past so they are scared .

  5. Harry Bolzitch Says:

    Great job of keeping your composure while what seems like a dozen officers
    are tasked to deal with you because you’re simply trying to view a records
    request. It’s head scratching how much payroll time is completely wasted by
    police departments over stuff like this. By the way, I sure hope they end
    up doing something to all the officers involved in your “Harassed By Tucson
    Police” video.

  6. Onus News Service Says:

    Criminals. Nothing but criminals. 

  7. 9753flyer Says:

    To the author – Raymond I think it is.

    I live in AZ not far from Tuscon, about halfway between there and Phx. It’s
    often good to have a 2nd party present when you are doing these actions and
    others like documenting scenes.

    If you need some help with this, since I am local, let me know – I would be
    happy to help out when I can

  8. lightfoot2471 Says:

    “Should I wave to the camera?”

    “I don’t trust you, I don’t trust you. Stop talking I don’t trust you.”

    A bunch of children with guns. I admire how calm you remained while dealing
    with their nonsense.

  9. frankoch1 Says:

    did the link to the visitors log disappear ?

  10. Peter Langelier Says:

    Wth…your in the building so you have not been barred from the building,
    then what was that farce at the beginning? Too bad you could not play back
    the beginning clips while that commander was there.

  11. olan creel Says:

    In no other profession are you allowed to lie, bully, act immature and
    violate the law with impunity. And their hypocritical motto is “to serve
    and protect?” How very embarrassing for the family members of these
    officers to see this exposed on video. It’s crystal clear why cops hate
    video cameras – and the citizens who use them.

  12. isair81 Says:

    What’s so secret and dangerous about the records he’s asking to inspect
    that they feel like they have to constantly lie in order to try and
    discourage him from actually doing so?
    Or is this just standard operating procedure with ‘any’ citizen requesting
    to see public records?

  13. Max Fountaine Says:

    How do you stay calm around idiots with guns?

  14. ocsob007 Says:

    Your internal affairs investigation is already tainted with prejudice
    against you.. the IA officer said repeatedly, “i dont trust you, i dont
    trust you” so much for a fair and impartial investigation into the theft
    of your camera! 

  15. bones343 Says:

    IA works for their officers. They will do their best to cover up and
    justify any and all actions of other officers and it takes extraordinary
    circumstances to do otherwise. The system itself is corrupt.

  16. Steve E Says:

    You are doing one hell of a job putting their feet in the fire. Pour the
    coals to it!

  17. rightwinger teapartyer Says:

    boy these ass holes realy do have something to hide why would they not just
    do what you requested and be done whit it dam thight ass son of a bitches !

  18. Anton Gauna Says:

    The sign on the door reads “STOP, NOT A PUBLIC ENTRANCE.”

    That aside it’s sad when people play stupid and waste taxpayers money with
    this crap, when all they have to do is respect the law that they’re suppose
    to uphold. Instead, they act like juveniles.

    If they have nothing to hide then let the man review the documents. Plain
    and simple, right?

    Seriously though, do you honestly think Leo’s are going to cooperate after
    a formal complaint has been filed with I.A.?

  19. Thomas Mckendry Says:

    They are making the post office seem convenient, yikes..

  20. haskellfilmz Says:

    Great video! Excellent job of upholding the law! We should talk. You can
    simply look me up and youll see who I am and you can message me on here at
    first. I would like to help in any way I can, if nothing else I would like
    to do a story about it! Thanks. Reporter Chris Haskell, REAL NEWS TUCSON

  21. THE WATCHER Says:

    i dont mean to be a stickler or a bearer of bad news but havnt you guys
    figured it out yet that THEY have the power to do ANYTHING they want at
    ANYTIME to ANYBODY, and their isnt anything that we can do about it except
    complain, make videos and recordings and try to get an attorney willing to
    file a lawsuit, of course even if you got the lawsuit and won, exactly what
    are you winning?….maybe some money, because not one person goes after the
    jobs and freedoms of these criminals, so at the end of the day we ALL are
    left helpless to their tyranny.

  22. Bigmike101202 Says:


  23. Bobby Lovin Says:

    contact their bonding company the bonding company is what gives them the
    right to be a police officer you can get this info by filing a verbel or
    written FOIA request at the police department record this and if they do
    not give you this info it’s a violation of the law and grounds for a law
    suit, use that info to contact the bonding agency and get an appointment in
    person show this to them and if this happens again they will lose their
    bonds, if they lose their bonds they will have 1 week to get another bond
    if not done in 1 week they will be fired because without a bond they can
    not be police officers….

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