Best U.S. Smartphone Carrier – AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile!

Here’s an overview of the best U.S. smartphone carriers among the major four AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile. This video can help you choose the rig…

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  1. MilanMagiic Says:

    Of course the 3 black phones have LTE

  2. Brycestechchannel Says:

    no its not 😛

  3. Chuck Yuen , Dr.TCM & Cantonese Martial Arts NYC Says:

    For American local use Smartphones are Verizon with good OS
    updates….(.American has only 2 GSM carriers for International
    smartphonesare AT& T / T-Mobile —but thehigh cost AT&T is the slowest
    with the OS updates —Non Updates support for their High-End phones that
    costed over $600 in 2012 like the Galaxy S2 / Galaxy Note I717 ) what good
    is having high speend living is the Ancient Past .with Andoid ICS.

  4. 011cra Says:

    why would you say that sprint is the worst? i’m considering buying the
    Samsung galaxy s4 from sprint

  5. Em Hill Says:

    What do people honestly think of AT&T? Seriously, and please don’t be
    negative on purpose:) I know it’s fast,for a fact sometimes faster than

  6. MrXboxkid16 Says:

    yea it the s3 lte edition

  7. SuperRainbowsRus Says:

    What about ting

  8. greennick98 Says:

    Its sad that the us is falling into a duopoly of att vs Verizon . I hope
    sprint banded with Softbank can shake it up a little. PS . Verizon 😛

  9. Dionysius18 Says:

    I’ve had all 4 of these carriers at one point in time. Verizon and AT&T are
    the only ones worth considering. T-Mobile and Sprint are completely
    worthless. My friend recently got an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, We work in a
    concrete building and my Samsung Galaxy, on Verizon, can stream Netflix
    movies without any buffering while her’s won’t even send a text message.

  10. SINCITYJ Says:

    Dam tmobile is weak. I finally gave in to Verizon. Yes pricey I know but
    their coverage map is the best. Just read that they’re doubling the
    capacity of their lte network plus they have more spectrum and coverage
    than anybody. They’re pretty much hogging the coverage and squashing all
    the competition.

  11. Luis Lopez Says:

    so which one is it? Verizon?

  12. KodyWB Says:

    This video is painfully outdated and shouldn’t be understood as a reliable
    source. Anyone watching this should find a video of mid to late 2013 due to
    network changes like what TMobile has encountered.

  13. AppleTech3345 Says:

    AT&T Rules !!!!!!!

  14. Nick Batista Says:

    I just switched over from Tmobile to AT&T and Tmobile wasn’t bad with
    service at all, it’s just the Internet connection sucked. I was always on E
    which is 2G. That’s the only thing that sucked about Tmobile. 

  15. Mitch Cady Says:

    The only problem with Verizon is the nasty,gross bloatware. Which is why I
    rooted my HTC one as soon as I got it :P

  16. Corey Richard Says:

    I been checking plans (currently with AT&T) and AT&T adopted Verizons plan
    policy or something. You practically pay the same price. Might be cheaper
    to go with AT&T, but the prices are climbing. Theres no competition. Its
    like anti-competitive pricing. Get what you pay for but I dont live in the
    city, sooooo….only two options.

  17. RomanTech Says:

    T-Mobile has to be the worst network I have ever had. No in building
    coverage and constant dropped calls. Not a reliable network at all…

  18. Rahul Potluri Says:

    I’ve been a Verizon customer for ten years now. I also registered for AT&T
    about one year ago and compared both carriers. I used switched between
    phones every week. Overall, I think Verizon is a clear winner. Verizon’s 4G
    LTE is much faster than AT&T now. I compared speeds in New York City. I was
    able to get 65 Mbps download speeds and 15 Mbps upload speed on AT&T. On
    Verizon, I got almost 80 Mbps download speed and 30 Mbps upload. Both
    carriers are equal when there is a lot of cellular traffic. Verizon makes
    bold claims about reliability, and so does AT&T. Verizon wins in the
    reliability department. There is no reception issues whatsoever. AT&T
    sometimes had reception issues. Verizon’s call quality is better than AT&T,
    hands down. To me, AT&T is good but not as good as Verizon. As for data and
    voice, they both offer unlimited text and minutes standard and offer up to
    50GB of data. Verizon upstages AT&T thanks to cheaper plans. However, AT&T
    comes with Beats Music, Mobile TV, and Family Map. Verizon has those
    features except for Mobile TV. In terms of coverage, AT&T’s overall data
    coverage is slightly less sparse than Verizon. However, you do get more 4G
    LTE coverage on Verizon; A LOT more. AT&T and Verizon both offer an early
    upgrade plan and both offer home internet and TV (U-Verse and FiOS). I am a
    FiOS Quantum customer, and internet speeds are significantly better. I have
    a friend who has U-Verse.
    Concluding this, I would give Verizon a 90%, and AT&T 85%. Verizon is still
    king, but it is pretty awesome of how much AT&T has improved over the
    years. As for Sprint and T-Mobile, they don’t come close.

  19. sean mcclelland Says:

    when was this video taken this video must have been taken last year cuz T
    Mobile has a 4G LTE running up in its very fast and Sprint is not with
    WiMax anymore its with LTE and its kinda fast so you need to make another
    updated video

  20. BURCHDOG Says:

    Brief Review:

    AT&T – 4G LTE great coverage. You won’t get bad connection you can’t go
    wrong. $90 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 3gb of 4G LTE. 2 Lines
    for $130 unlimited talk & text on both lines with 10gb of 4G LTE

    Verizon – Best network, best coverage but higher price. Not much to say
    their 4G LTE is slightly better than AT&T

    Sprint – Very low price for unlimited talk, text, and internet at $80
    however it is NOT 4G LTE unless you’re in a few location such as Texas and
    couple of East Coasts city. It’s coverage is really bad for on the West
    coast so if you live in the West Sprint is a no no.

    T-Mobile – By far has the best monthly plans with unlimited talk, text, and
    4G LTE for $80. Just about as fast as Verizon and AT&T. Only down side is
    they don’t do contracts so you have to pay full price for the phone.

    Hope this helps :)

  21. James Elmore Says:

    What about “4G” service? There is 2G 3G 4G and 4G LTE plus the wimax and
    the other one.

  22. TheiBlitzWarrior Says:

    i am from completely different country with only 2 carriers.but with HSDPA+
    i get something like 25 mbps.its good.but 4g i get 49 mbps (before) and 55
    mbps (now)…….

  23. The Blue Slime Says:

    Kik was around two years ago???? Lol

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