Cameron Dallas ‘ real cell phone number!!!!! 2014

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    25 Responses to “Cameron Dallas ‘ real cell phone number!!!!! 2014”

    1. Quady Vanier Says:


    2. Tori Montano Says:

      Didn’t work 

    3. Acid Ghost Says:

      If beepep

    4. Jennifer Hernandez Says:

      R u serious

    5. Mikiya Wilson Says:

      Is it true or naw

    6. Totally curtsy Says:


    7. Emilija Kurtesevic Says:

      Fake ur

    8. juliette willms Says:


    9. Swag Squad Says:


    10. Edith Maupin Says:

      What’s the number

    11. Nikola Bennett Says:


    12. Kendra Rose Says:


    13. dakotah perry Says:


    14. Amelia Mayer Says:


    15. Abigail Mounteer Says:


    16. Diandra Johnson Says:

      Omgg it’s reallllllllllllllllll

    17. Diana sevadera Says:


    18. Siyam Tekle Says:


    19. Sara Aclipen Says:

      its fake but i think its 286-729-9213

    20. fistpumpgirlygirl23 Says:

      its so fake a guy posted the actual umber and its not that for sure im

    21. Heather Hayes Says:


    22. Cecelia Clarke Says:

      Its fake I just tryed to call it but it went straight to voicemail…this
      is my grandmas acount go check out my youtube channel miacoolfame


    23. lexi lightburn Says:

      sara that’s fake

    24. Lyka Encarnado Says:

      It is fake I called it gave me the wrong one

    25. Blue Coaster33 Says:

      The Absent Game

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