Can someone with a conviction of a crime involving tampering with public records become an EMT-B or CNA ?

I have a friend that was convicted a few years ago in NJ for tampering with public records which was a crime in the third degree. They were sentenced to three years probation but was let go after only one year.

They want to become an EMT-Basic and also take a CNA (Certified Nursing Assitant) class. The state she is applying to get certified is different from hwere the conviction took place. She is applying for CNA in Florida and will be taking a class in Indiana for the EMT then transfer it to Florida.

Now I know there is a waiver avilable if they can deem it will not endanger the general public or welfare.

Can my friend get a certification with these convictions? Does she have to disclose out of state convictions?

She cannot expunge the records for five more years. Anyone else know about this?

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