Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP

Travel to the cellphones future timeline.

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    25 Responses to “Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP”

    1. Wan HL Says:

      Phones in 2020: capable on running games like crysis 3 at max settings

    2. prathmesh jahagirdar Says:

      how can it work without any charge particles for example a battery where
      dose it goes????? big problem!

    3. Unefon Says:

      ¿Crees qué estés muy lejos de tener estos prototipos de celulares en
      nuestras manos? #technology #prototype Dale play:

    4. Keith Graves Says:

      some of the stuff in 2040 is out today i saw it

    5. VideoLogDotCom Says:

      We have better things now. Lol

    6. Diogo Miranda Says:

      see this video in 2014, I felt like laughing

    7. quecisneros Says:

      Very far from predictions. Last electronic interfase will be direct wiring
      through the brain. Then, no need for stupid phones or stuff like that. In
      other words, we all be peripherials and centrals of a human web net.

    8. Marley robertson Says:

      I always found the idea of programmable matter (the 2040 stuff) to be
      bizarre, but apparently scientists think it’s possible. Have seen it
      called catoms and claytronics as well. Will be weird for a child’s toy to
      change from a barbie doll to a toy car right before your eyes. 

    9. Ernest Ross Says:

      lol there is already flexible screens… who needs 2017 lol

    10. derek jones Says:


    11. Chet Nwanze Says:

      dumb ass

    12. harrylongbaugh1 Says:

      in twenty forty people wil have moved past the need to be connected
      wherever they go.

    13. shuhrat abdullaev Says:

      он плавает

    14. Nadine Melendrez Says:

      If this was the future I will want to die we have better phones then this

    15. firebird 1066 Says:

      this is wrong

    16. Speedy Gonzolazes Says:

      Flexible materials aka Iphone6+

    17. Ola Omar Says:
    18. kashif ashrafi Says:
    19. Ehrar Hussain Says:

      Try Galaxy note 4 and foget these stupid pridictions

    20. Stephany Lima Says:


    21. ATAssociates CMA Says:

      This is soooo offff……….. If you are expecting just Morph in 2040, you
      must still be living in a cave of the dark ages…

    22. Taqi Ali Says:

      Dude 2040 end of world….

    23. Luis Grullon Says:

      The video is almost on point morph will be out before 2035 after that who
      knows most likely will be nano infuse in are clothes 

    24. Angelo Heringa Says:

      they say the transparent phone is coming 2030 while its coming next year!

    25. Eve-Anne Mouanfoulou Says:

      Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP : http://youtu.be/DN__D5ixme0

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