CHILLING CASES OF MISSING PEOPLE … Missing-411 is the first comprehensive book about people who have disappeared in the wilds of Nort…


  1. Sven Brown Says:

    David, I hope you will listen to Gordon Duff, Veteran’s Today editor – he
    is highly respected and formerly with intelligence. check out the You Tube
    videos where he is speaking – he has an answer to these disappearances I
    think. Its hard to believe but I am now a believer. I have seen too much
    evidence and the way things are going in today’s world it only confirms my

  2. Randy McNeely Says:

    When I was in my late twenties, I had a beautiful six year old daughter
    named Amber McNeely. One day Amber’s mother Teresa, who had two other
    children vanished. No one, no relatives, friends or any of Teresa’s
    children’s fathers ever saw them again. Now we find out that in 1996 Teresa
    married BEK Author David Weatherly. David and Teresa Weatherly gave the
    children fake names. And constantly moved around the country so as not to
    be found. Even knowing this, no one can find any of our loved ones. Why is
    there no trace of any of them anywhere? If they are hiding, what are they
    hiding from?

  3. joshanator1 Says:

    Where’s the rest of the interview?

  4. murad akraba Says:

    WTF, why am I watching this right before I want to go to sleep.

  5. Matt Foshee Says:

    Found this a while back… Figured I would post it incase there are people
    that missed this interesting set of recurring circumstances that really
    sound like abductions to me…

    Spooky Cases of Missing People:

  6. matt smith Says:

    There is no such thing as “Bigfoot” with all the hunters out there these
    days somebody would have shot it by now. People get lost all the time and
    wolves, bears or cats eat them. They drag the body off and cover it with
    brush to feed on it later so it would be near impossible to find a missing
    person in the woods.

  7. Lucian Ramey Says:

    If you are familiar with ufology cases and ET civilizations visiting our
    planet, you must have heard or read about those Reptilian beings who are so
    powerful and have lived underground on Earth longer than our own
    Well, it’s an unpleasant fact to bring up here, but these ET beings have a
    taste for human flesh, just the way we like to eat chicken, turkey, pork or
    beef…and – most sadly and horrible – they enjoy mainly young
    children…That’s one of the reasons for the dissapearance of so many kids
    who are never seen or heard of again.


  9. jumpa01 Says:

    The reason 98% of all missing person cases just happen to be organ
    A rich guy says I needs a liver Do you think he is going to wait on a
    list with poor folks No effin way he is going to say to his scum bag
    lawyer .. “Here is 2 million go get me a liver ” Lawyer goes to his cop
    buddy here is 20 grand search me an organ donor with this blood type &
    marrow……Bang person is kidnapped and never seen again. Why because the
    unsuspecting organ donor cared enough to trust someone with his info!! 

  10. Sky Edge Says:

    I had to drive through Shasta and Lassen National forest roads, and it was
    particularly eerie. Poison Lake was one of the oddest things I have ever

  11. strawberrykiwi02490 Says:

    Anyone ever check out the reddit forum called lets not meet? thats how i
    got here

  12. Lorretta Lewis Says:

    Just incredible! We need David here in Aust, have a little 4 yr old missing
    from a very small bush town. Even the dog squad could get no scent on him,
    he seems to have just vanished into thin air.

  13. Sheila Woody Says:

    Athahuy Athagam

  14. Oswald's Corpse Says:

    This isn’t an interview. It’s an infomercial for Paulides (poorly written)
    books. Knapp should be ashamed of himself.


    I don’t go to the corner store without my 40cal these people go to the
    wilderness unarmed,what were they thinking!

  16. Ashley Merrick Says:

    I’m in Australia and just signed the petition do it guys 

  17. Kaleem Badshah Says:

    Im addicted to this topic. There are unknown things better left unknown in
    the dark corners of the Earth. Since ancient times the woods have been
    known as a home to dangerous and evil, malevolent beings and forces.

  18. Vivian Sarpong Says:

    This is the one positive thing that has come out of it. Some one paid
    attention, researched and wrote a book to inform us of what’s happening,
    happened and the sore grief families endure. Now we know. Now we have to be
    very careful and cautious and reconsider somethings. This is extremely
    eerie, scary as hell.

  19. Jack Crow Says:

    Why ??? all the people ??? M.I.S.S.I.N.G ??? were they all go?? Were have
    all the People gone??? Plus why all the secrecy??? what are they afraid
    off?? what are all the National Parks afraid off!!! Could Bigfoot be the
    culprit?? U.F.O’s praise be surely not’ Bigfoot or U.F.O.s after all they
    don’t exist do they???. Christopher Lamb ^~~~~~~~~^

  20. Artist Writer Says:


  21. esser Says:

    this is something .. i know this is very true ive listened and since
    came across other shows and stats myself .. i heard the feds do it
    (keep it quiet) for tourism .. im not sure on big foot or ufos , but
    considering ppl disappear very close to others and people are found
    dead/alive in very remote areas really intrigues me.

    but this guy is telling facts

  22. 6laderunner Says:

    15:24 – Did he say, “Mr. Flynn’s a pretty smart guy, just like you and I
    are really brilliant…” ?
    Sounded like he called himself brilliant haha… hope I’m hearing that

  23. Deb Corbett Says:

    What’s that clicking noise I keep hearing in the back ground? I don’t
    necessarily believe in UFO’s or Bigfoot or paranormal activity for that
    matter. But it is really intriguing that all these people have disappeared
    without a trace. 

  24. Fortean Threat Filmworks Says:

    Check out the disturbing Sasquatch theory on this vid Bigfoot Dirty Secrets

  25. OregonTreeHugger1 Says:

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