Citizen Public Records Audit (Jax Housing Authority

Transparency + Accountability = Liberty. Continuing our audit of government entities on their accessibility to the public for the submission of a public reco…

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  1. Rich Greco Says:

    Wow…just wondering why you don’t mention the law to these folks Jeff?
    Like a “The Public Records Law States…..”

  2. ThisIsTurok1 Says:

    You took no steps to help educate this individual on the correct process.
    Instead you kept asking for clarification…over and over and over again
    making yourself look uneducated and unprepared. If I was that guy I would
    have talked to you in the same manner.

    Why not show up with a copy of the statue in hand?

  3. Doug Davis Says:

    Great, more puppets that don’t know the public records law. Good post Jeff.

  4. peepsnet Says:

    Is there a reason you do not inform them of Florida Law regarding public
    record requests? Would it not be easier to present the Florida Statutes
    and shame them onto it on video??

  5. Love FightsBack Says:

    +HONORYOUROATH Is it just me or does it seem like when you do submit a
    public record in writting (specifically what you are asking for) they have
    the option to alter what you are asking for……………for what ever reason they

  6. jddcc1 Says:

    Do some more open carry videos Jeff!!

  7. Dave F Says:

    This is why Jax, the city that I live in, continues on its downward
    spiral….just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the work Jeff,
    maybe one day the employers will actually train the people in these
    positions on how to handle their job in the correct manner that they should

  8. glock30fotyfive Says:

    If a white man talked to a black man in the way Fred Mckinnies did, the
    white man would be called racist AND would be reprimanded.

  9. UphyXx Says:

    I don’t understand this, what did the man do wrong? Do you not have to
    write the request?

  10. 388thalpha Says:

    didnt care for this one…. I feel you should have taken some paper and a
    pen and write it down then say ok now its on paper now give me the copys of
    the log

  11. Dan Wareham Says:

    Jeff… Do you ever plan on filing a law suit against these various
    agencies that refuse the records request? Not A great deal per agency, just
    a few thousand. I bet you could get enough in settlements to live off of
    for a year or so with just the videos youalready have. 

  12. USAWoody Says:

    should have asked to have a copy of public records requests

  13. Ken Pace Says:

    My question is how does someone reach the position of president of the
    housing authority and not understand the law as it pertains to their
    responsibilities as a public records custodian? 

  14. Umair166 Says:

    Quite frankly, Mr Jeff Gray, it is disappointing to see you post these
    videos with no follow up action afterwards.

  15. PeaceOfficer Says:

    Educate us on Florida law, Jeff. Are you required to give your request in
    writing as well as provide your name?

  16. beefyoso Says:

    unfortunately your records request was denied. The margins of your request
    were not of the appropriate size, and also the font was non standard to
    housing authority policy.
    (the more hoops you let them make you jump through, the more chances they
    have to trip you up)

  17. John Dc Says:

    Mr. MicKinnies rule about requiring a Written Public Records Request is not
    in compliance with Florida Law. Citations and references on the about tab.

    Clearly Mr. McKinnies needs instruction about disclosure of public records.

    They are to be made available on “demand”. They are to immediately
    available upon a in person verbal request. Which is also a demand by
    anyone and for any reason Exceptions are clearly written in Florida law.

    Keep up the good work Jeff Gray. Another notch for your hoped for
    nomination for the Freedom Medal.

    Hopefully, Mr. McKinnies will be in compliance. I would have emailed him
    had a email been available on the Housing Authority Website.

    Another issue. As for the Security Guard: Why is he eating in public view
    at his work station? That is unprofessional! They need to have a rule at
    the JAX Housing Authority Office. Eating is not to be done in public areas
    at the work stations.

  18. John Van dyk Says:

    Jeff, here in NJ there is a form you must fill out as per State law. One
    of my customers is a Board of Education which I have a long time
    relationship. Out of curiosity the other day I asked to see competing bids
    on a project I won. My contact pulled out a form and instruction sheet.
    Name, rank & serial number please and there may be a slight cost involved.
    You keep F’n with them in Florida and they might just adopt the NJ way of
    providing records. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  19. Hamza Rehman Says:

    Honor your Oath surpport a person called surveillance camera man who
    harasses people in public 

  20. Okiiashi Says:

    Can you you fill out a blank sheet as “John Smith” asking for the public
    records request of the public records request form logs?

    What the guy was saying was kinda making sense, but I think a verbal one
    could of been good enough. The lady behind the counter could of filled out
    the form for you and put N/A for name or something like that.

  21. Tom Zebra Says:

    Local Police Prepare For War – Gardena California.

  22. AZ DONALD Says:

    send ol’ freddy this link so he can marvel at how stupid he looks.

  23. Jeff mcintyre Says:

    “Now you arguing. Why you arguing? I don’t play games.”
    Freddie, you do play games and you don’t understand middle school English
    concepts. Why are you the head of a major agency, Freddie? You are a
    silly, obfuscating, poorly educated, loud mouth, over
    gesticulating buffoon.

  24. therobsta Says:

    Do you ever get a response when you send a follow-up e-mail? Also, what
    kind of body cam do you use? Great quality video as always and keep
    fighting the good fight!

  25. daryl Whittaker Says:

    Left the prick a nice email

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