Configure VOIP in cisco packet tracer

This practical is on how to Configure VOIP in cisco packet tracer, basically you can use IP Phones to connect to your network. Below is the link to Download …

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    17 Responses to “Configure VOIP in cisco packet tracer”

    1. Lester Rebelo Says:

      Configure VOIP in cisco packet tracer

    2. Prodec Networks Says:

      Configure VOIP in cisco packet tracer

    3. Hans Lossman Says:

      Thanks, I found it informative an useful

    4. Kebogile Porogo Says:

      Good vid, thanks man

    5. Ali Rageef Says:

      Thanks a lot for the Video it was very useful

    6. elgrancarlin Says:

      buen video man

    7. Rexingford Silovo Says:

      Nicely done thanks for the tutorial..

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    9. Mr Incredible Says:

      thanks dude, i’ve learned a lot from this tutorial.

    10. BeastmodeBodywork Says:

      Thanks, awesome tutorial!

    11. ali khan Says:

      Hello this ali as u told that in real time environment we have to mention
      the mac-addressmanually is it real actually i tried in packet tracer it is
      taking automatically and at same i tried with some real ip phone which is
      not taking so i have to give manually right ok if i want to give manually
      then how to find ip phone mac-address here. Could u please help me out
      thank u ( waiting for ur reply

    12. elpc Says:

      thanks dude, this tutorial helped me alot. ;)

    13. Galahad Curry Says:

      Thank you very much. Very helpful I really appreciate that you shared this
      video so I can learn VOIP. Thanks again.

    14. tresean Rueben Says:

      Thank you very helpful!!!

    15. Ricardo Diaz Says:

      Thank you, for the longest time was was wondering what exactly was the
      syntax for this.

    16. 2002bini Says:

      Nice video men. But the “telephony-service” command on the router is not
      recognized. What’s my problem??

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