David Paulides National Parks Missing Persons Cases

Missing-411 was the first comprehensive book about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It’s understood that people routinely get lost,…

20 Responses to “David Paulides National Parks Missing Persons Cases”

  1. Disclosure Truth TV Says:
  2. Danny Oden Says:

    Very bizarre story’s. Complete BS far as the parks not keeping records of
    missing children

  3. MegaTriumph1 Says:

    Nobody wants to let on that we live on a farm. Notice how its only getting
    worse to cage the human on the planet. Watch the movie V series. Or attack
    from Mars. We are here to help you (NOT!).

  4. MegaTriumph1 Says:

    Sitka Alaska has tons of sign’s in store windows of missing hunters.

  5. david palmer Says:

    people who suffer from hypothermia do take of clothes.

  6. Vardtrad Says:

    The scariest thing, to me, is that whatever is taking them seems to need
    them alive. Cannabalism sounded bad enough but that doesn’t seem to fit the
    evidence. Paulides says that in not one case has there been evidence of
    sexual activity. Then again most are never found. I’m seriously hooked.

  7. John Taylor Says:

    I’ll tell you why (in some cases) these people head uphill instead of going
    downhill to safety- They’re running from something. They’re going uphill to
    escape whatever/whoever it is that’s victimizing them

  8. Michel Weisz Says:

    too much ads

  9. sticrzy123 Says:

    Anyone want to plan a group camping trip at Crater Lake ??? Hello anyone
    there ? Guess not …

  10. Rob Johnson Says:

    this is scary, my heart goes out to the families not knowing and no answers
    would be too frustrating, whatever it is it’s not human,

  11. Nick Moretti Says:

    Attention: A woman has gone missing close to Champoeg state park today.

  12. captainengland Says:

    my 10% a film made in 1989 -HIGH DESERT KILL..SOUND SAME

  13. Roberta Folks Says:

    ~ OF COURSE, EVERY National park would KEEP RECORDS of ALL Missing
    Persons!! ; | Logically, this would be ESPECIALLY TRUE, for EACH of The
    GREAT National Parks of America, like; The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and
    Yosemite = BECAUSE of, the IMMENSE expanse of territory + varied and
    difficult terrain + even unchartered land.
    ~ ANY HALFWAY DECENT Park Ranger’s Station, would have COLLECTIVE
    Information, of EVERY Missing Person. ; |

  14. olkamanolka1 Says:

    11 august 2014.3-Year-Old Girl Spends 11 Nights Alone in Siberian Forest –
    and is Saved by her Puppy.The three-year-old survived by eating wild
    berries and drinking river water in the taiga which is home to bears and
    wolves. Her puppy stayed with her for nine days before returning
    home.Sounds familiar.

  15. D Stro Says:

    Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the reason people are going uphill is to
    get a better vantage point of their surroundings?

  16. CJ Holt Says:

    the Native Americans believe most of these parks are portals to a different
    dimension. ?????

  17. jim jam Says:

    u know all the people who search once somone goes missing they spend alot
    of money at busineses around the parks i bet its all a inside job money
    racket a sacrifice to the local economy if u will

  18. Danny Oden Says:

    Hello cody, your opinion is like a body part we all have.you must have to
    much time to do nothing but post criticism about a reasonable response so
    f#ck o$f.dumb a$$

  19. Lorretta Lewis Says:

    I live on haunted Hills road ! Story was 500 head of cattle went missing
    overnight while the Drovers slept under the stars, woke to find them all
    gone and never seen again. 

  20. TheMusicmemorylane Says:

    Check out the man behind the Missing 411 books, David Paulides!
    This story will blow your mind for sure!!

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