Detained for making public records request in Hialeah

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    18 Responses to “Detained for making public records request in Hialeah”

    1. Super Ninga Says:

      Why don’t ya respect them if they politely asked not to be recorded….ya
      just acting like a-holes & lil bitches

    2. David M Says:

      Yes, give them your IDs so they can put you in their data bases, know where
      you live, listen to your conversations, and monitor all of your moves. Not
      that they don’t do that already, but they will key in on you guys.

    3. Powlas HVAC Says:

      This day and age or not. Does not give them the right to run over our

    4. Lindsay Roberts Says:

      Wow that cop is ignorant.

    5. Anthony Larson Says:

      you guys are itdiots. public records may be stored in a building, but when
      they have signs posted “no recording in building” you are trespassing on
      private property

    6. james richardson Says:

      Cops dont like video and cams because it incriminates them. That is the
      sole reason. There is simply no other reason and we all know this….
      including them.

    7. USNVA Says:

      Don’t you guys get it?? That facility contained Top Secret military
      operations. There were also files in there for the original KFC recipe and
      McDonald’s secret sauce. Your cameras almost locked on some of those
      documents. They can’t have any of that. It’s too difficult to dispose of
      the bodies afterwards.

    8. James Allen Says:

      Sorry I gave been drinking so if I don’t hit the right keys forgive me.
      Keep the American dream alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. jhjustice4all Says:

      i didn’t know robert deniro was a cop

    10. Eric Peloquin Says:

      This cop is very experienced with the passive aggressive nonsense you see
      from cops so often. He tries to come off as being all reasonable and cool,
      but he is the only one who is really aggro in this whole thing. The female
      officer was far more reasonable than him. Even she saw how aggro he was
      getting and talked him down. He says “this has nothing to with the cameras,
      ok?… and you’re using cameras because you’re intimidating people with
      it…”. What a moron. It has everything to do with the cameras. The
      government can record us. but if a few people show up in a public building
      to make a public records request and wish to record it, we have a crisis.

    11. Jon Shankle Says:

      I don’t know why anyone would take these guys seriously. They went in the
      office to create a disturbance, so they could put it on youtube; complete
      waste of resources. 

    12. coupleofbeers31 Says:

      I live in Miami and when I look around me and see what this awful city is
      like and then watch videos like this all my questions are answered. Look at
      who runs this city. All a bunch of Banana-Republic type Cubans who can’t
      even speak English properly despite the fact that they were born in this
      country. Look how they dress for work, can’t even tuck their shirts in. I
      have worked with these people and they are as unprofessional as they come.
      I will be so happy when I leave this city again. I have left before and
      will do so again; This time for good and will never come back to this dump.
      You can have it warm weather and all. I’d rather take a little cold weather
      and snow in a city run by Americans and not banana republic douchebag
      baboons. I want my kids to learn to speak proper English too. It’s not just
      Miami either. All of Florida south of Orlando is ruined for good.

    13. rainbo5250 Says:

      PUBLIC BUILDING,…..paid for and served,… by THE PUBLIC!

      A ‘policy’ is NOT A LAW!

      You can NOT arrest a citizen for breaking your ‘policy’.


      These sub-humans can ‘ask’ you to turn off your cameras all they
      BUILDING,….is considered THE PUBLIC!

      These disgusting MONSTERS write ‘policies’ on a non-stop basis, as they
      turn this country into a POLICE STATE,……and I repeat,….A POLICY IS
      NOT A LAW!

      SUE,…..SUE,….SUE,….SUE,….SUE,….SUE,…the hell out of these
      inflated, lunatic, right destroying,……. ass-clowns!

    14. coocoomachi Says:

      if fear is a crime then take away rollercoasters cuz they scewee

    15. Wayne Workman Says:

      “The crime is these people were in fear”

    16. Phill McRevis Says:

      You guys folded like a cheap suit!!! Why did you ID? You’re a pro at this
      and still folded like a bitch! 

    17. BRUCE LEE Says:

      MIND GAMES I have an IQ of 144 and these are childish mind games from thugs
      in a costume are so wrong. UNLAWFUL DETAINMENT their is no crime !

    18. Jason C. Waite Says:

      These cops are idiots. You can see why people don’t trust this police

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