FDVA/Public Records Audit (Feature)

Continuing our audit of government entities on their accessibility to the public for the submission of a public records request, and for their compliance with public record law HonorYourOath…

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    21 Responses to “FDVA/Public Records Audit (Feature)”

    1. Cody Hauri Says:

      At least the “administrator” was much more pleasant than those she manages.

    2. Nigel Thornberry Says:

      Lol, that ladies phone is gonna be ringing off the hook!

    3. chris brown Says:

      JEFF – YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD THOMAS THERE WITH YOU …i think the old gals
      there would have seen thomas manhood and hormones would have been flying.
      then they would submitt to your records request . THOMAS WHERE U AT MAN !!!

    4. chris brown Says:

      ” police have been called ” yeah right !!! ‘” supervisor said you must
      time for a employee demotion !

    5. Walter White Says:

      why is it that these bureaucrats never seem to learn. It’s shocking.

    6. Greg Brown Says:

      I like how she resorts to ” you can speak to my/our attorney ” ….. How
      about she would love to call her legal advisers and get an answer for
      you promptly….Seems as though she was using the my lawyer thingy as some
      form of intimidation tactic.

    7. Nick Courtney Says:

      This is a fine collection of clueless people. Lol

    8. 420nVA Says:

      They all act like they have something to hide, I wonder how much abuse goes
      on behind closed doors in this establishment? Someone should dig deeper,
      not necessarily Jeff, he has his hands full already and has done his part.
      As usual thanks again Jeff.

    9. Pragmatic Liberaltarian Says:

      I liked Ms. Maley. She was very polite and did not seem unreasonable to

    10. Greg Brown Says:

      I don’t think HIPAA covers patients visitors names. family friends law

    11. Chris Ferguson Says:

      I have no idea what happened in your life to make you hate all Cops. You
      say you’re photographing people in public? No, you’re not. You’re
      photographing Cops in public. If you’re going to say you’re photographing
      people in public, do it to people wearing normal clothes and driving normal
      cars, and not Cops.

    12. nj alex Says:

      Great video Jeff, but shouldn’t your title say FDVA instead of FLVA

    13. jerry bushman Says:

      Here’s the thing…….we make laws like the freedom of information act but
      then they don’t tell the people that should comply

    14. Stumpy Midget Says:

      I could be wrong, but at 5:06 if you look up at the ceiling behind the desk
      there is a video camera.

    15. olan creel Says:

      Power tripping ladies with low self esteem. A sad embarrassment to all

    16. Jerry U Says:

      I wonder whatever happened to that receptionist’s son-in-law who was so
      upset here on the last video? I forgot his user name. I guess maybe he
      won’t show up for the conclusion? That’s the guy who threatened to fight
      anyone if the insults were said to him in person on the first installment
      of this mini series.

    17. Todd Weber Says:

      Just a question so I can understand……

      Why do you want to look and inspect the visitors log?

      I understand wanting to do a records check but why at a nursing home?

      BTW – I appreciate what you are doing and love your videos

    18. Pinellas Resident Says:

      I’ll make a public records request for that document when I get off work
      today around 4 and let you know what the feedback is

    19. posting id Says:

      If they have a problem with you taking photographs of the visitors log
      that’s out in public view and has no restricted access to it, how would
      they feel if you pulled out a notebook and pen and started copying
      everything down that’s contained in the visitors log?

    20. Otherstuff Says:

      0:53 Jeff was rude? what a lying ugly cunt.

    21. Otherstuff Says:

      1:30 that ugly cunt asked “why is kay not coming out here” because other
      ugly cunt never talked to kay

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