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EVERY state has free money lists, goto to get the name, address and telphone nunbers of the government office with the free money lists for every state. Every state is included. Relatives are often out of state so you should more than one state. BY LAW, governments are sent money from businesses with unclaimed Death Benefits, Tax Returns, 401(k) Pension Benefits, Safety Deposit Boxes, Stock Dividends, Money Orders, Utility Deposits, Insurance Dividends, Pension Funds, Refunds, Life Insurance, Uncashed Checks and many other fund sources. See if you have any of this ‘free money’ out there in your name. You can contact each state directly for FREE, OR use online databases which may charge a fee. Arizona Unclaimed Money Find Arizona Unclaimed money, Search our databases for the most complete unclaimed AZ property lists, get your Arizona unclaimed funds fast. Arizona is well known as being the “copper state”. However, one of Arizona’s best kept secrets is Arizona’s unclaimed funds, Arizona’s unclaimed money and Arizona’s unclaimed property. There are millions of people with unclaimed funds. These unclaimed funds equal billions of dollars. Many of these funds are in the form of security deposits, insurance checks that were never cashed and escrow overages that were never claimed, just to name a few. If you live in Arizona or have ever lived in Arizona, it only takes a few minutes to check and see if you have any Arizona unclaimed money, Arizona funds or Alaska

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