Getting Girls’ Phone Numbers Without Talking

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22 Responses to “Getting Girls’ Phone Numbers Without Talking”

  1. Adam Johnson Says:

    Is it me or is it actually only this easy in America? Some loose chicks
    over there

  2. ASFALT21 Says:

    I wish a self-aware ugly dude started a YouTube channel and did the same
    pranks like these attractive ones. Guaranteed different results.

  3. Homicide Says:

    Wow seriously, are white ladies this open? God damn I hate living in Asia.

  4. Brendon Davis Says:

    So I just tried this.. a woman smashed my phone.

  5. Arsh Techie Says:

    Thats why america is so awesome!!

  6. assassin72 Says:

    There are two rules that you need to follow in order for this to work

    1.Be Attractive
    2.Don’t be unattractive

  7. Obvious Troll Says:

    And thats how women get killed by serial killers

  8. swagaa don Says:

    0:57 lol i thought for a second shes gonna drop her towel down and get
    naked xD dunno why :P

  9. Jose Mario Jiménez Says:

    *Cough* *Cough* USA is full of easy girls *Cough*

  10. archilonshadowheart7 Says:

    How the hell did that work on the first try? i mean it’s so effortless? let
    alone almost everytime.

  11. Tommy Moore Says:

    Even deaf guys can get girls.

  12. Jack B Says:

    lol they all think there deaf, and there just being nice i think….

  13. ICET100 Says:

    ok this is a video on getting girls phone numbers

    @ 1:40 why is the guy getting another guys number for

  14. Annie Bi-Ji Says:

    If they supposedly can’t talk, how are they gonna communicate on the phone?

  15. Travis Hale Says:

    it helps if you’re a good looking guy..

  16. Kawaii Girl Amelia Says:

    2:31 creep face

  17. DAYM Says:

    gran turismo 5

  18. Ashish Meena Says:

    are you sure they gave their own numbers? and not of their brother or just
    a wrong number etc

  19. Noone Cares Says:

    Damn i could never do that.
    If i ever did i would probably go smash my head against a rock afterwards
    just to get all the cringe and embarrassment out my body.

  20. ralphus44 Says:

    It’s not exactly a revelation how quickly these girls turned over their
    phone numbers. All these guys are very good looking, duh. Let’s see an
    average-looking guy or somebody with a few extra pounds on him try it and
    watch how they react. 

  21. ChiLL PePPer Says:

    Just have a 6 inch soft penis and wear tight pants. Then get really good at
    maintaining semies and you’ll have what looks like a banana on the side of
    your leg. 

  22. tropicalester Says:

    rejected high five at the end.

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