Hacking a mobile phone

Hacking into mobile phones is a walk in the park, say experts. All it takes is a single SMS sent from the hacker’s phone, to break into a phone and gain tota…

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  1. Wieser Jonas Says:

    Videoquality to low!!!


    Would it work on a Samsung Galaxy S4? 

  3. VonboldmanGaming Says:

    It’s adien perice

  4. Bodacious Rose Says:

    How are they able to do that? I have something physically on my phone that
    acts and does the samething… the person touched my phone. Broke in my
    house a d placed something on my phone. They move my cards when I am
    playing and run on my battery and tun on my camera when I’m away from my
    phone. Tell me where the physical threat is and how to remove it. Second
    phone and broke. The person lives at 47 Riverdale, Yonkers, New York Apt
    A1-16. Rosa Castillo and family the two men in her house. Help me Cyber
    Harassment. They called me from their google account number. Number no
    longer in use. Since, December.

  5. John Smith Says:

    but how can we do that do we need a program to work this out or just
    sending messages ?

  6. Battlefield Productions Says:

    Only problem is getting them to download the app onto their phone. 

  7. Vlad Tomoiaga Says:

    Can I get the app?

  8. Liline Lyma Says:

    Thanks, but how do you fix it or unhack it, if my phone or laptop is
    hacked. If I change my phone number would that help what about the PC
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. !!!!!

  9. ItsWilj Says:

    how do i do this?

  10. Alexander Smirnov Says:

    question… first of all. it is a program that was first installed in the
    phone that is the “slave”? it is not possible to just send a sms to
    someones phone “I am your master!” and then suddenly i can hack the phone i
    send it to.. 

  11. x GuLi Says:

    what’s the app name? I want to get this feature.

  12. Valerio Triolo Says:

    WORK 100%

  13. matheos maurokordatos Says:


  14. Varshin K. Says:

    5:23 http://www.se…. ohh its just seatguru *if you know what I mean*

  15. BigUglyGames Says:


  16. The Game Of Life Says:

    got it, too!

  17. ThePhan7em Says:

    So basically what Facebook messenger is doing then. Check on the
    permissions list that the app has access to an you will understand what I

  18. MinecraftShark Says:

    Easy way to prevent this:
    Buy the oldest cell phony ever.

  19. B1N4RYGH0ST Says:

    Is there any safe phone out there, even an old one without G.P.S?

  20. Nathanial Roy Says:

    This is why ur a dumb ass if you have facebook and Messenger installed on
    your phone and many other apps I rest my case.

  21. GGS-IL Says:

    Nice one its like when i installd a backdoor on watch dogs i really hacked

  22. mau Padre Marcial Says:

    hola. te mando un cordial saludo, no se si se pueda ver este tutorial
    traducido al español se ve que esta muy bueno. gracias

  23. Divgun Sethi Says:

    Broadcast Receivers #android #applicationdevelopment 

  24. SirLumberjack Says:

    Aiden Pearce Much?

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