Harassed by Tucson Police for Public Records Request

TUCSON, Ariz. (EMSN) –

24 Responses to “Harassed by Tucson Police for Public Records Request”

  1. Big Joe Says:

    Big bully tactics for a guy with a camera coming out a police station who
    just made a public record request ! strange no ? … .And the
    SturmAbteilung guy was not giving any ID before you do, then he’s not
    showing the ID on cam, what a bunch of crap !
    Is you request linked to LEO ???

  2. Brad V Says:

    I hope you sue Ray, TPD are a bunch of assholes.

  3. Brad V Says:

    It’s almost as if they get payed for every time they run someone’s ID.

  4. Gonebad58 Says:

    Just more proof that only the dumdest are hired to abuse us.

  5. Daniel Smith Says:

    I live in Tucson, if you ever want somebody watching your back and a second
    camera lens keeping the cops accountable shoot me a message.


    This is an infuriating outrage!!! If I were you I would do a public
    records request for all radio calls, phone calls, incident reports etc
    regarding this incident. I would also do a public records request to
    inspect and photograph every one of those officers department issued photo
    ID’s and since those photo issued ID’s are public record, I would publish

  7. Pragmatic Liberaltarian Says:

    Need to turn around and march right back into the police station and file
    complaints against the officers who violated policy and refused to identify

  8. mblitch Says:

    I send a public records request for photo copies of their IDs. Let’s see if
    they respond.

  9. mark marchiafava Says:

    just walk away

  10. mark marchiafava Says:

    quit talking with cops, they are NOT your friends.

  11. Arak Seepoom Says:

    contact a civil rights attorney; consider filing a lawsuit. there may be
    some damages for you to collect.

  12. StopSpamming1 Says:

    Nicely handled. Maybe the 2nd time around ask: are you refusing to present
    your ID when requested to do so, putting the onus of any reaction squarely
    on them.
    Aren’t names and the ID’s of law enforcement public records? I wonder why
    they were so uncooperative.

  13. Don Hall Says:

    WTF…. because he drop off public records request?
    To the cops : constitution…. does it mean anything to you?

  14. Cop Watcher IA-IL Says:

    Unless that general order includes a SPECIFIC exception covering this case
    the officer violated it.

  15. Halry1 Says:

    Should’ve walked straight back in and filed a complaint with that nice lady
    from the start of the video. 

  16. LCCharlie Says:

    You were pretty effective at turning the tables of power.

  17. CosmoApe Says:

    4:15 Get used to “filming” … pigs!

    Soon there will be contact lenses and cameras so small on every person,
    that everything will be “filmed” and uploaded into “the cloud.”

    Our entire lives will be on “film”, piggy!!

  18. frankoch1 Says:


  19. littlebill606 Says:

    Another good example of police over reaction and authorities whose
    arrogance knows no bounds.. Two thumbs up to you and your camera..

  20. torpino sorritelli Says:

    were you wearing a bomb? I mean w.t.f how paranoid has the police state

  21. torpino sorritelli Says:

    his I.D is public knolage what difference dose your camera make…uh just
    make a public records request for it…;]

  22. dan tolino Says:

    Like a BOSS!

  23. Jason C. Waite Says:

    EXCELLENT filming of #police and exerting your rights!

  24. Bob Danis Says:

    Cops don’t care if they obey the law. 

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