help on finding a missing person?

my niece has gone missing from her home,her parents are despratley worried about her saftey,as she is not at all street wise,she is a very quiet shy girl who dosent have many friends,she is 18, but looks much younger about 15.she has never had a boyfriend .she left on the evening of august the 10th this year.she told her mum she was going to her brothers car to get a cd,when she didnt return her mum rang her mobile and she said she ran away.and switched her phone off.the police said they had spoken to her,and that because of her age they wont tell where she is but they didnt even see a picture of her so how did they know it was realy her.all her parents wont is for her to call them and tell them she is ok,and then if she still wishes to stay away that would be fine,its just the not knowing thats hurting them,they are a realy close family,who live in a small village any tips on how to locate her please

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