Hetty Wainthropp in Missing Persons

Patricia Routledge stars as Hetty Wainthropp who gets her wings as a private investigator in this amusing and touching drama. Hetty, an unstoppable force of …

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  1. eddiecarlcalhoun Says:

    What year was this filmed?

  2. staterpie Says:

    I love this show & had seen all the episodes, but this one. Thanks for
    posting it!

  3. Audrey McKenzie Says:

    Ditto what Staterpie said. Thanks a bunch!!

  4. captatnonmuscas Says:

    This pilot was made 1990. I must say that the first hour is great, but the
    last 50 minutes do not make any sense, only the pleasure of seen Patricia
    playing, dancing and singing, but as drama too slow, particularly for 2014.

  5. ML Henderson Says:

    This was made 4 or so years before the series. There was hope to create a
    series that was to star Ms. Routledge but too many legal issues sank that
    boat. When BBC obtained the rights, our much beloved Ms. Routledge came
    back onboard. The rest is glorious history.

  6. TheDaveJoandLouShows Says:

    I loved Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth and as Hetty. She’s great 

  7. CateSimulate Says:

    Gosh, I’m sure glad they changed her character when they started to make
    the series. I love the Hetty in the series. This one however … wasn’t
    exactly my cup of tea. Nor was this “Robert” or “Jeffrey” :-/

  8. Mara T Yirka Says:

    I wish she could have been my Mom just love her character

  9. LINDA BROWN Says:

    Oh! To have a friend like Hetty.

  10. Linda R Says:

    This feels like two, three or four separate movies randomly shuffled
    together. Is it a mystery? Is it a comedy? Is it a tragic period drama?
    It’s no wonder this pilot never sold. Thank goodness for second chances.
    Don’t miss the real series, Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.

  11. UncleMuncher Says:

    I never watched this when it was originally shown. I thought it was
    brilliantly written and acted. So emotional at the end. Loved it.

  12. shnops Says:

    Brilliant episode ! It would have won an Emmy over the pond ! Patricia is a
    great actress and comedienne second to none !

  13. susan egan Says:

    i was wondering.i have seen Patricia in Hetty Wainthropp on pbs several
    years ago and all of the people i this show was not in the others i saw.a
    different man plat her husband and Jeffery was played by the young man who
    played in the lord of the rings,plus her husband was a bit older in the
    other shows,which i watched all the time and Hetty looked a bit older in
    them.was this by chance the polit for this show,because i have seen all of
    the others,

  14. susan egan Says:

    and after reading the rest of the reviews,i found out that this was the
    first one made,but whatever Patricia Routledge plays in you know it will be
    wonderful,i just love English actors,in movies and in anything they
    make,which i enjoy all the time,they have class that others can’t top i my

  15. Sally Davis Says:

    What a great episode! I watched the first year before finding this one.
    Patricia Routledge is fantastic and I just found the period house interiors

  16. ElCid48 Says:

    I’m sorry but the end is preposterous. Some people think it’s very
    emotional. No, it’s not. It does not make any sense and it’s clownish to
    say the least. The man has been dead for only a few days and Hetty thinks
    his widow is going to be up dancing and singing idiotic songs along with
    her? This does not happen in real life. Yes, she was grief-stricken but the
    process to some kind of normalcy is gradual, with patience, not with fancy
    dresses and tunes from the stupid era of vaudeville. Who wrote this idiocy?
    This movie was 2/3rds tolerable until it arrived at this point. Too long!

  17. Alexandra Nielsen Says:

    This was a strange one! The original Hetty was pretty obnoxious…so glad
    they changed her.

  18. Pennie's Way Says:

    I like this but I Love the episodes so much better… :)

  19. Janet Pruitt Says:

    I really enjoyed this! Love the series too. Thank you.

  20. Bobby Tumbleweed Says:

    Hetty is almost the spittin’ image of me gran.

  21. Neldidellavittoria Says:

    I didn’t quite like this one, but thanks all the same, Nellynorus. I
    woulnd’t like to have missed it.

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