How to Check Your iPhone’s Carrier and Lock Status for Free!

This is a video showing how to check your iPhone’s lock status for free using a website online. Also, for locked phones this website can tell you what the or…

16 Responses to “How to Check Your iPhone’s Carrier and Lock Status for Free!”

  1. Christian Abreu Says:
  2. Ruslan Nassyrov Says:

    Please refresh the video to jailbreak 7. IOS 7.0.4 iPhone 5 SPRINT
    Can not customize 3g and sms. p-sim8
    Thank you!

  3. JonyGamerMX Says:

    porfavor pordrias hacer un video de como activar el 3g y sms en ios 7 con r
    sim, saludos

  4. mekhfi formul Says:

    hy thank very much men it’s very good vidéo merci

  5. Daniel Scott Says:

    Please i bought an Iphone4 for my mom as a birthday present but it;s
    unlocked can you please help me IMDI is 012338006299887 i will be thankful

  6. kukku baba Says:

    i found iphone5s phone in train,some one lose,how i chek this phone can use
    or no,ill chek allreddy EE network still phone is active,but i scer,please
    help me

  7. Ral gem Says:

    funk bitch only kiss my ass
    esto es una porquería no enseña nada

  8. Divyang Patel Says:

    looking fool

  9. Isaiah Lewis Says:

    Hey my friend my iphone carrier is say unknown how?
    IMEI: 990001088276829

  10. Pierre DaGreat Says:

    Hey, can you give me a tip on a checker? I cant find a free one… I am
    willing to pay for the unlock. I just dont know how to find the original
    country.. imei 013621007947664

  11. kazi aasim Says:

    i buyed an iphone 4s and im worried that is it a stolen phone so before
    using it i want to check it and even i want to know its original carrier
    bcoz it is locked please help me here is the imei of my phone

  12. Derrick Madden Says:


  13. MariaElias Montelongo Says:

    hi 🙂 if it does not show the carrier is there any other way of knowing or
    finding out ? please let me know

  14. Khader Cool Says:

    Thank you man it works
    It has been shown carrier thank you thank you thank youuuuuu
    But if you want to unlock the iPhone should you have to pay
    But thank you for everything (:

  15. Grimmjowx9 Says:


  16. MOMO MIDOX Says:

    THANKS it works

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