How To Locate A Missing Person?

How can a mother find her son who is now 35 years of age.

The mother gave her son away for adoption when he was only a year old. Later at the age of 11 or 12 he was abandoned by his foster parents and taken into care by the social workers of that time.

The present day Social Workers are not prepared to give any information as to his whereabouts.

After giving her child for adoption, the mother pursued Training in Nursing. Later the mother got married and had a miscarriage. She was told by the Doctors that she cannot have any children anymore.

Now the mother is longing for her son and regrets the mistake she made when she was only 19 years of age.

The reason she gave away her son was that she had nowhere to go to, no one to turn to, her boyfriend deserted her when the child was only a year old, her father passed away, her mother was ill and hospitalized, her brothers did not want her and during those days there were no council flats for single mothers with no job and no social service as you have during these days.

She had no one to turn to. The Social people of that era suggested that she give her child for adoption and then look for a job. So she did and now regrets her decision. Can anyone help her please, please, please? She is desperate to know if her son is OK and if possible a meeting with him or atleast his picture.
Thanks everybody.

Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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