How To Make Free Calls From Any Android Phone Without A Carrier

Quick easy way to make free calls from your android smartphone without a service provider. Please subscribe and like this video For more step by step smartph…

24 Responses to “How To Make Free Calls From Any Android Phone Without A Carrier”

  1. MrDownWithTheSouth Says:

    and google will listen to your conversations and read your contacts and
    look at your pics and call your girlfriend.

  2. Tiffany Miller Says:

    worked. thanks!

  3. gabriella b Says:

    All these people saying it doesn’t work,, boggles my brain,, i have an
    android without a carrier. It’s an old Sprint phone just sitting in my
    desk. I followed what he said and my phone makes and receives calls
    perfectly through wifi only, just as he said. His instructions are clear as
    day, thanks for the video. 

  4. Quaalude Charlie Says:

    Another VOIP Dialer service is great , true nothing is really free , but
    it’s another tool , you might have a paid Hot spot or even a free wifi ,
    then you can make a phone call , great tool to have 🙂 QC

  5. Mack Holland Says:

    I’m trying to do this on a phone without service. To set up my google voice
    account, google has to call me, and without service it cannot verify my

    Basically, unless there is something I’m missing, this video is outdated as
    far as phones without service are concerned.

  6. Sharada Paudel Says:

    just for usa

  7. Jaron Powers Says:

    I downloaded the app and it really works I can call anybody now for free.

  8. James Trinh Says:

    but can you receive calls? What number would other people call you? Please
    enlighten me. Thanks

  9. Wil Morris Says:

    What does the Google voice app have to do with it?

  10. aaawww1122991 Says:


  11. Ruby Arias Says:

    I know how to make it work. Just disregard the “verification”. Then proceed
    with installing the 2nd app. You’re set to go.

  12. WWW.HackXman.TK Says:

    Just download this app and get free rs50

  13. Hameed Hussain Says:

    HI… I am from Sri Lanka. this is use full for ONLY people who is live in
    USA. Unable to make call to any other country

  14. Stephen Mc Kenna Says:


  15. azyardies Says:

    Just tried this using this method and it seems to work fine. But is there
    anyways to use the same # that I got from google voice to do texts too. If
    possible I dont want to install yet another app for texting (or get another
    number) if this method here does the trick. Note that I wont be having
    carrier service. This will all be done using the wifi. Thanks


    I just bought a Dynamic and rooted it and now I have no service provider
    but infinite 3G and phone calls :D

  17. Dee Ann Ruth Says:

    no longer available free. 

  18. john b. Says:

    but what he does not tell u is it only works if u have a wifi signal i have
    been using it for 2 years as a second phone number.

  19. gail ghinis Says:

    wants me to pay for google voice

  20. Stan Aragon Says:

    WOW, my htc one, it has no service i use the wifi and WOW it works, but
    remember only with wifi works,… nice..

  21. Naresh kittu Says:

    is it available in india?

  22. TheCappinKirk Says:

    Can’t download the apps – the phone is too outdated. Attempted on HTC Evo
    4G – the phone is so old there are no apps available for it anymore.

  23. RODNEY383 Says:

    Worked like a charm, however I received a text from my provider saying I
    couldn’t use the Google voice service ( My phone was off ) but after I
    installed and setup Groove IP everything worked.

  24. Million Tint Maw Says:

    Thanks work perfectly 

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