How to Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020 (Camera Phone) for any Carrier / AT&T T-Mobile Vodafone Orange Etc. Largest and most trusted Unlocking website on the planet!! We unlock models from every Carrier and Country in the world. D…

22 Responses to “How to Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020 (Camera Phone) for any Carrier / AT&T T-Mobile Vodafone Orange Etc.”

  1. Ineta Cepulyte Says:

    I liked this video. Excellent show how to do everything.

  2. anidid Says:

    Was skeptical about being able to Unlock my Lumia 1020. The choice that I
    had to make was between going to a cellphone repair shop that does
    Unlocking or download a code from the internet. I chose the later as I have
    had nasty experiences in the past with the repair guys. Dealing with the
    Unlocking Company was my best ever experience. The website is simple and
    intuitive. The Code provided worked like a charm. My phone sprung to life
    with my new SIM Card from another operator. Thanks TUC!!

  3. Abhishek Sharma Says:

    @andid – Which country did you buy it in and where are you using the phone
    in now?

  4. mc_lovejoy Says:

    I’m sure this company is genuine, BUT it does not currently list Nokia
    1020’s as a mobile they can send unblock codes on their site (the list ends
    at Nokia 920 unlock codes)

  5. Liam B Says:

    can you unlock nokia 1020 at&t?

  6. Danny Chen Says:

    Can you unlock lumia 1020 AT&T?

  7. Eduardo Says:

    The title says “How to Unlock a Nokia Lumia 1020…” but I could not. But
    Anidid could. Am I not making it right? Could you help me Anidid? 

  8. Jonathan Carriere Says:

    I had an unlocked AT&T phone that I sent in to Nokia for warranty repairs,
    and they sent me back a new one re-locked to AT&T. Nokia wouldn’t unlock
    it, and since I’m not a customer of theirs, AT&T wouldn’t unlock the new
    phone for me either. Almost no other online unlocking companies will even
    try to unlock an AT&T Lumia 1020, but TheUnlockingCompany was able to get
    me an unlock code in just over a week, and it worked like a charm. I
    finally have a working 1020 again!

  9. MariaKan10 Says:

    Great trustworthy company! I had successfully unlocked my Lumia 1020 (AT&T
    USA) on the 7th of Feb. 2014 in a few easy steps. You only need to submit
    the order and wait for an email with the code. Good luck to all owners of
    Lumias that are currently locked to AT&T, not everything is lost! 

  10. Colin Parks Says:

    does it work for uk though

  11. athanasiothegr8 Says:

    In October I was looking for a 1020 preferably locked so I get a better
    price on eBay. At that time there were many companies offering unlocking
    for AT&T so I bought my 1020. After 3 weeks that I got it in my hands all
    of the companies have stopped providing unlocking codes and for more than
    two months I was stuck with a device I could not use. At last in 2014 Jan
    after a lot of research I found out that there were some companies offering
    unlocking to AT&T so I picked the best offer from TheUnlockingCompany.
    Today I successfully unlocked my AT&T Lumia 1020 and I am very happy.

  12. Torrey Chen Says:

    After searching on the web for a while, I finally found The Unlocking
    Company that offers a great service at a low price level. After submitting
    the IMEI code of my lumia 1020 that is locked to AT&T, I received my unique
    unlock code within 4 days and my phone is currently totally unlocked. Thank
    you sooooo much 

  13. sergio orellana Says:

    thanks THE UNLOCKIN COMPANY!!! i unlock my iphone 4g thanks tu us A++ A++

  14. Milos Delibasic Says:

    Hello I have bought mine in Serbia from the ” MTS ” would this work by any
    chance on my Nokia 1020 ?

  15. Sachin Sanjeev Says:

    how much does it cost to unlock lumia 1020?

  16. Bengt Luotonen Says:

    Interesting, but how much is this service then?

  17. Bangladesh Tvs Says:

    Hi, can u unlock nokia lumia1020, 64gb, o2, uk plz?

  18. Ravi Kalyan Konkepudi Says:

    Thank you “The Unlocking Company”.. you made unlocking so easy. I’m now
    using t-mobile sim on my ATT Lumia 1020.. I’m so happy

  19. David Meek Says:

    Thank you

  20. Zły Wilk Says:

    I have a question. If I have a Lumia 1020 with a simlock from an operator
    X, while I am using operator Y services, do I need a simcard from the
    operator X in the device to perform this unlocking operation or is it not

  21. Víctor De la garza Says:

    Can u tell me plis how much will it cost to unlock my lumia 1020 with AT&T ?
    Pliss help me out

  22. Dr. Tommy L. Howard Says:

    If you are shopping around for a place to unlock your phone, don’t waste
    your time anymore…. Use this company! I was without service for a month,
    because I hate AT&T and couldn’t get service anywhere else with my phone
    locked (Samsung Galaxy Mega).

    I tried several other sites that I paid for, that couldn’t get me an unlock
    code. Some of them even took up to 3 days to tell me they couldn’t! I was
    going to give up, and buy a new phone from my new carrier, but thought I
    would give this place one last chance.

    Well, I wish I would have given them the first chance, because I had an
    unlock code in my inbox in 5 minutes! I’m not even joking about that time
    frame, I think I even cried a little out of happiness LOL!! It was the
    easiest thing to do too with their instructions, I think I had my phone
    unlocked in 60 seconds! The customer service through email alone is

    I could go on and on about how great they are, but the easiest, quickest,
    most affordable way for you to get your phone unlocked……Is go to

    Thank you so much Dane for your great customer service, and unlocking my
    phone in record time! 

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