I have a question about someone getting your ssn.?

This morning I was on my bf’s computer(that he shares with his brother) and I saw that someone had searched for my ssn on google(exact words were social security number and my name).

What can someone do if they are able to get it..Other than stealing your identity. I am almost positive it’s his brother because of other pages that were looked at around the same time.

I am kind of worried and freaked out. There have been other things are a little off about my bf’s brother(A few times I’ve woke up and seen him standing at the door peeking through the cracked door, one time he didn’t know I was watching him and he stood there for about 5 minutes).

I have talked to my bf about these things but he doesn’t seem to be alarmed. Any suggestions on what to do or anyone know what could be done with my ssn other than stealing my identity(I don’t think he would be that dumb)?

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