Is this person considered a clairvoyant? read the details please?

1.) a person who can sense if a person is going to die soon or not- and can feel the darkness and death hovering over the person- if they hug or touch them they can tell if they are going to die soon- cats can do this-
2.) a person who can look in a person’s eyes and tell if they are a good person or a bad person- a person can look into another person’s eyes and tell if they have been lying- backstabbing- or mistreating another person or him/her-
3.) a person who can listen to someone’s voice and touch a person’s hand and tell them about a person- about what the person is like even if they don’t know the person- but can tell the person about past events- etc- by touching their hand or face- or listening to them talk-
4.) a person who can touch an object of a missing person and locate the missing person based on touching the object!
5.) a person who can see auras-
are these considered psychic or not?
i’m just curious!
i mean sometimes the person who has these abilities is wrong- but most times they are right- it depends on the person they are around- some people block themselves- so others cannot sense anything from them- what exactly is a person with these abilities called?

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