JAXPORT Authority/Public Records Audit

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24 Responses to “JAXPORT Authority/Public Records Audit”

  2. Justin M Says:

    Is it just me me? When you enter and leave the gate on your first visit,
    there doesn’t seem to be any bracket on the fence itself to actually close
    and fasten the gate to. When you return and the gate is padlocked with a
    shiny new looking lock, there is clearly a bracket there, and doesn’t even
    seem to be bolted correctly to the fence post.

  3. genzigg386 Says:

    anyone in that office is in big trouble. if fact ALL of them..chase ALL of
    them down.You know Jeff they would make an example of You.. make an example
    of them.peace to you and yours..wide awake in michigan

  4. oneangryjew Says:

    Let them have it Jeff. Sue them. Get them fired. 

  5. smokert5555 Says:

    It would be cool if you or any of your colleagues could provide any updates
    on court filings and proceedings of any cases currently pending and/or
    court findings on JPA’s denials of access. Thanks!

  6. ThisIsTurok1 Says:

    Thanks Jeff, please continue to keep us up to date. I’d like to know how
    this pans out.

    Truly disgraceful.That gentleman should no longer be employed after that

  7. chmoduk Says:

    Wow a stark contrast the your previous video Jeff. It really annoys me that
    so many government employees are ill educated on the rights of American
    people. I still think America is a great place and would have preferred to
    be an American but it’s not so. And it’s been raining here all week in

  8. mikeallenbrown1 Says:

    Nicely done…nicely done. Fired off an e-mail. How appalling and arrogant
    these public servants are.

  9. Joe Dero Says:

    Here we see how a higher up POS , yells at and then has the lower level
    employee do the dirty work…..the over paid PUBLIC taker doesn’t even have
    the guts to tell you himself. And why would he, could cost him his OVER
    paid salary, over insured health insurance and over compensated
    pension…..only problem for him, is public employee incompetence, May cost
    him yet !

  10. LT.WheatToast Says:

    lol, that intercom.

  11. Superdan187211 Says:

    it seems as if the more corrupt the government gets the dumber they get you
    could just push that gate and the clasp would move out of the way the $4
    padlocked this is not good security

  12. Ida "Foxy" Queen Says:

    Awesome video! Caught red handed!

  13. Brett Sanders Says:

    the hot mic is hilarious…and sad at the same time.

  14. ontarioman100 Says:

    pretty sad!

  15. ElGatoLoco698 Says:

    What a douche. Why is he passing this off on the woman? Why didn’t he
    come out and talk? What a freakin douche bag piece of trash. This just
    stinks to high heaven. Something is wrong with that guy. I’m amazed. He
    will actually go out ofhis way to not comply with the request. He didn’t
    even know what the request was. On top of it all, he couldn’t even come
    out and talk himself. He had to pass it off on some poor woman that
    doesn’t have a clue. 

  16. Road Dog 50 Says:

    If you are not willing to file a lawsuit, then you are really wasting your
    time if you are expecting any change.

  17. Shaman Kharg Says:

    ” …and also to ensure that the person reviewing the records is not
    subjected to physical constraints designed to preclude review.”

    Wait v. Florida Power & Light Co., 372 So.2d 420 (Fla. Supreme Court 1979)

    It’s not like this is a new ruling, John Schnippert is either ignorant,
    incompetent or willfully obstructing. Certainly incapable of executing his
    duties properly.

  18. mark marchiafava Says:

    Okay, another documented violation of state law. Without litigation with
    consequences, nothing will change.

  19. Don Hall Says:

    Awesome job.
    And thank you.

  20. therobsta Says:

    +HONORYOUROATH Jeff, that guy on the intercom… what was with his reaction
    to you and EOG showing up? Have you hit them with an audit before? Or is
    word getting out that you guys are tearing up the state? Regardless, it’s
    very peculiar behavior.

  21. Onus News Service Says:

    Imagine if a private business like McDonalds took your payment for a
    hamburger and then locked the door to the business, preventing you from
    actually getting your burger. Would the customer and public tolerate this
    ? Well, the government takes our money through taxes and then puts a lock
    on the gate and conspires and schemes to keep us out.

  22. journeman77 Says:

    Jeff I have not looked at the law in Florida but can you do a citizen
    arrest on these folks?

  23. chris weidemann Says:

    I would have asked to talk to the guy who cussed and called you an idiot

  24. nickm2137 Says:

    LOL caught red handed! 

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