MagicJack VoIP Revolutionary Communication Tool Magic Jack officially launched in March 2008 where they have been giving away the magic jack device and a year’s worth of long distance in the us and canada for free. A second year can be had for just more. The magic jack actually cost me for the unit and shipping and the first year’s service, but considering all the alternatives out there, this is by far the coolest and cheapest feature filled telephone service I’ve come across. The magic jack also gets kudos for being mac compatible – assuming you are running a newer mac with the Intel processors. Magic jack is true to their word as far as initial set-up goes. After removing the unit from it’s packaging and plugging in the optional USB extension cord, I plugged in my phone jack at one end and the magic jack into my computer’s USB port. It should be noted that for whatever reason, magic jack says you can’t plug it into a hub for it to work. After launching the magicJack application, it walks you through the registration process where you enter your email, password, home address etc. Then you get to pick an area code from a list of dozens of metropolitan markets across the United States. You don’t have to pick a local number exchange unless you want to. Once that’s complete, you are ready to rock and roll. You also get caller ID, call waiting and voice mail free with the magicJack service. Setting up voice mail is simple enough as the menu walks you through it so you can personalize

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  1. MagicJack VoIP Revolutionary Communication Tool Says:

    Keenan Consla

    I found a great…

  2. MagicJack VoIP Revolutionary Communication Tool Says:


    I found a great…

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