Making a public records request at the Massachusetts State Police HQ

Update (10/28/2013) – I got a response to my request: See here for background info: http://mas…

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  1. Cop Block Says:
  2. Richard Dean Says:

    From Massachusetts General Laws governing public records requests…. Do I
    have to put my request for public records in writing?

    No. An oral request, made in person (not by telephone) is valid under the
    Public Records Law. However, in order to appeal the custodian’s failure to
    provide copies or access to records, your original request must be in
    writing. For this reason, it is advisable to put your request in writing. A
    written request that is clear and concise also helps the custodian to
    respond to your request in a timely and efficient manner. There isn’t a
    specific form that must be used to request records, nor is there any
    language which must be included in your request. A request for access to,
    or copies of, government records sent to a record custodian should be
    treated as a public records request.

    Unfortunately, law enforcement and government officials are too often
    unaware of their legal obligations. 

  3. Mike DeLucia Says:

    I have a silly question,, if you felt the need not to give your name.then
    where do you get off asking for theirs?

  4. Ed McGuire Says:

    Good ole Government lackies,he was the childish one.
    Why are they afraid of an informed citizens trying to get information, the
    Government has to supply it to you by law. I guess the law only works in
    their favor.

  5. cory91899 Says:

    You were honestly the one entering the building and refusing to abide by
    their simple request, when, you, are the one asking something of them.
    Pretty pathetic video. Time for a new hobby. Funny thing is that if
    something ever happened to you or your family it would be that detective
    fighting to ensure the perpetrators were brought to justice. 

  6. michaeldunnjr Says:

    Oh just fill out the damn form. He’s accusing you of being a child because
    you’re acting like a douchebag about submitting your request.

  7. Marcus Of Says:

    A look, another law student dropout. 

  8. Jerkyyyyy Says:


  9. Freedom Teacher Says:

    I, for one, thank you for showing the arrogance and non-cooperation of
    these public employees. Very intimidating and rude; after all, they don’t
    need to make the customer happy. As an average, long-time resident of the
    US, I am concerned.

  10. mark burch Says:

    nice job, but get a shotgun microphone so we can hear what the other guys
    are saying!

  11. Joey Novack II Says:

    not sure of the situation but the suit seems very suit like….. 0

  12. Jimmy B Says:

    I honestly don’t know why public employees (especially cops) are so rude to
    the public. They should be the happiest people in town! Perhaps it is
    simply….they don’t care…they don’t have to. The taxpayers pay them at
    a rate 25% higher than salaries in the private sector. They have
    structured their employment to be immune from termination. If they break
    the law they get a paid vacation. They get plush healthcare and pensions
    all paid for by the taxpayers. And what to the taxpayers get in return?
    A bunch of rude and overbearing clowns who will trample your rights and
    call it ‘officer safety. 

  13. Chris Moser Says:

    they probably put your stupid letter straight in the trash lol

  14. Public Records and Background Checks Says:

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  15. marmite400 Says:

    What a pair of grumpy, rude, asses. Hope they got in trouble for that. 

  16. T, Skipwadoo Says:

    This is way senior citizen should not be greeters at the police station,
    just Walmart.

  17. T, Skipwadoo Says:

    I should have put in my last comment “TWO SENIOR CITIZENS”.

  18. Johnny Pea Says:

    lame video

  19. axw016 Says:

    Its because you guys are young with long hair and therefore automatically a
    hippy and a drug taker.

  20. Robert Dexter Says:

    You’re not a child you’re a big baby

  21. dw276785 Says:

    I can’t even believe what a farce this is on the part of the camera man. I
    am 100 percent in favor of small government, and government accountability,
    but to stand there and argue semantics when they were completely willing to
    honor your request if you went about it the correct way is just whiny
    childish nonsense. Get a job and a life. 

  22. Justin Davis Says:

    Why is there so many people taking the side of the police. We are obviously
    in a position in this country where the actions of the police should be
    extensively questioned! Stop the scrutiny against citizens exercising their
    rights! This gentleman filming did absolutely nothing wrong.

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