Marc Dorsey – People in search of life

People make the world go around.

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    4 Responses to “Marc Dorsey – People in search of life”

    1. no Says:

      Never knew this guy ever did anything but this tune. looked for him when
      the movie came out, never could find anything under his name. great artist.

    2. moreprofound . Says:

      7 billion people in search of a life. between the hope and reality. that’s
      what you’ll find out there. 7 billion people in a cry for life..

    3. mh20767 Says:

      This brother is so nice, so smooth. Powerful song. I just love it. Thanks
      for the post. God bless

    4. MrKenndawg Says:

      …afer all the talk, the lies, the opinions, the ideas, the insults, the
      facts, the results; it all balls down to people searching for a
      life…..and I keeps me an extra pair of shades for when the sun does

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