Missing Boy Found as Grown, Married Man: Richard Landers Found at Age 24

Investigators track down once missing 5-year-old boy following custody battle.

23 Responses to “Missing Boy Found as Grown, Married Man: Richard Landers Found at Age 24”

  1. Shy Ncontent Says:

    Praise Jesus, he’s alive and WELL!! No matter the situation was before its
    still not Right for the GRANDPARENTS to just take off like that!

  2. lostindreams3 Says:

    He reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith’s son

  3. Laerke Bieber Says:

    i dont know how i got here…

  4. Camilo Rubinos Says:

    5 year old boy, found alive, 19 years later.

  5. Jason Nunn Says:

    My brother’s a TOP PRANKSTER! Last month he printed a load of those
    “missing cat” type posters & put them up all over town- only they said
    “missing child” with a random picture of some kid that he got off the

    It was actually a revenge prank on his boss who’d been on his back all that
    week- the contact phone number printed on there was his. Naturally the
    Police got involved after a number of upset people got in touch, and his
    boss ended up getting loads of hassle from them and the local press. What a

  6. Loryn Too Says:

    I’m not sure when they started assigning social security numbers at birth,
    but it was after 1974. I was sixteen when I got mine and four of my
    siblings got theirs two years later (1976) so I assume that’s when you had
    to start having them for tax returns. Identity thieves often go after the
    social security numbers of deceased children because they’re no longer
    appearing on anyone’s tax return and won’t be automatically kicked out of
    the IRS system. 

  7. Abdulrub Kassim Says:

    He is lucky to be alive instead of dead

  8. Gingan Redn Says:


  9. Bad Blood Says:

    The grandparents had abducted their grandson since twenty years, and
    changed their address and names, and the parents didn’t suspect anything
    FISHY going on ?

  10. Grace Gonzalez Says:

    That is so CRAZY!

  11. theresalovespink Says:

    Tbh I think the grandparents did the right thing… Not exactly like that..
    But at least he was raised in a stable environment and he is alive and
    healthy… Maybe his parents couldn’t have given him that.. It all sorta
    worked out in my opinion…

  12. Jayla Henderson Says:

    I don’t get it why it take them that long to use his security number so

  13. Maria Arellano Says:

    He was missing on one of my

  14. shelby6571 Says:

    So the grandparents and the child went missing at the same time and nobody
    thought that there was a connection?? So much for investigating the

  15. nbkcq28 Says:

    So they got away with kidnapping, child abduction, whatever you want to
    call it. And now they’re still free. Wow.

  16. williss11 Says:

    Well can you blame them? I can kinda understand their feelings, a child
    being raised in that type of enviroment,parents divorced and mom living in
    a car. Though its kinda sad maybe the grandparents wanted their grandchild
    to have a fulfill childhood where he wouldnt be with out anythin,idk thats
    my opinion

  17. Nicole Roberts Says:

    The grandparents should be charged, you don’t just take someone’s child.
    All the things that the parents missed out on,… That’s gotta eff you
    up. Do I hear Dr.Phil calling?

  18. Alicia Pedigo Says:

    I’m glad he was found.

  19. RebirthWoWGuild Says:

    Looks like the kid grew up well, perhaps it was for the best. I think it

  20. Lauren Johnson Says:

    I hope he gets some new teeth, unbelievable…

  21. Rene Watson Says:

    That’s not right ! It was not their child to take and it sounds like even
    if the mother was living in a car she obviously let the Grandparents take
    in the child till she could get on her feet, so it sounds like she was
    making sure he was taken care of and where the heck was the father, was it
    his parents that took the child ? It just sounds like there’s a lot more to
    this kidnapping . I think they should get sued at least if they don’t do
    time. People are so quick to judge. When it’s time for their judgment day
    God will remember how quick they judged people badly. If they were so sure
    that they were rotten parents then they should have gone to the courts and
    had them investigated. It’s that our right ?

  22. Ki Ad Says:

    No charges filed. That’s Crazy. Think of how many days and nights that poor
    woman cried herself to sleep thinking about her son.

  23. derrick Milbourne Says:

    pure white trash, needs to be whiped off the face of the earth

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