Missing Person Acoustic Dustin Prinz

itunes.apple.com www.amazon.com www.myspace.com Missing Person Lyrics I’m taking my time so don’t hold your breath you can walk out of here with no regrets I’m loving you cuz your not loving me being with you is like a cigarette well it burns me out till there’s nothing left all i’m left with is your awful scent your a missing person when you lost it all your feelings can’t be bought your a missing person take your time and see what you truly want verse repeat bridge da dum da da… well your words don’t mean a thing when you call it’s always the same routine it’s all about yourself and all your drugs I don’t need to listen cuz I really don’t give a fuck Learning To Love Youself Track Listing 1. I Am Alone 2. Hold On 3. Let Her Go 4. So I’ve Heard 5. Bipolar 6. Missing Person 7. Follow Me 8. Distracted 9. Away 10. Gone 11. Winter 12. Organ Song

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