Missing person found in mini van murdered.

Eileen Ponce-Orta was reported missing by her family on Thursday, Feburary 14, 2008. News reports are conflicting, either on Friday the 15th or Saturday the 16th, Ponce-Orta’s mini van was found by Pomona Police in a City Hall parking area reserved for police. The Officer who found the vehicle, inspected the vehicle from the outside and apparently observed nothing suspicious. He ran a check on the vehicle and then notified Covina Police with whom the missing persons report was filed. Ponce-Orta’s family was notified that the vehicle was found and to retrieve it before it was towed away. When they arrived they found Ponce-Orta under some blankets, clothes and other items. She had been fataly stabbed in the neck. Pomona Police are investigating both the murder and the actions of the Officer who initially found the mini van. Joseph Gary Orta, a parolee and cousin of Nick Orta, Ponce-Orta’s husband, is being held on parole violations and being questioned in the murder of Ponce-Orta. What is not clear in this newscast or any of the reports that I read is the circumstances of Orta’s daughter. In this newscast it is stated that the daughter was seen with Joseph Orta, but it was not said if the she had been missing as well or if she was with Joseph Orta when he was arrested. Additional information taken from LA Times dated February 19, 2008 According to Ponce-Orta’s mother, Tracy Ponce, Eileen and Nick Orta had been having trouble and were in counseling. She said that it was

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