Missing Person- Michael W, Smith

The song Missing Person from the album “Live the Life” Lyrics: 1st Verse: Another question in me One for the powers that be It’s got me thrown And so I put o…

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  1. Shannon77785 Says:

    What a great song !!! Michael Smith always sings good !!! I LOVE HIS MUSIC
    !!! I hope one day I see you in heaven, Michael. :))

  2. TheCeroak Says:

    Question? Is he talking about himself. His old self as a kid, when he
    belive so much and it was easier. Now that he’s grown up its harder but he
    still is searching therefore he still has that hope. Just a thought wanted
    to know if was right or if anyone knows

  3. TheCeroak Says:

    The meaning of the song through his interpretation. That would b my
    interpretation through the song. If of course I had made in which I didnt
    not of course. Anyways on a lighter note this song is a master piece

  4. Jennifer Pruitt Says:

    i agree. i saw some old pictures of me when i was in 7th grade. i was
    happy, despite all that was going in my life at the time, i was happy,
    loving the Lord, and almost free. i’m now 36 and finally realized i found
    that missing person referred to in this song. this applies to anyone who
    has lost the fire they once had as a young believer.

  5. MorenoMikeB Says:

    I listen to or think of this song, whenever I lose my strength or courage
    to do something.

  6. Jordan Irwin Says:

    You make it sound like he died.

  7. 15minoflame Says:

    deeper by delirious . this song. sounds like

  8. WarBeard Says:

    i never understood this song as a child i just liked the melody. but one
    day i was driving coast highway and it played on my ipod, maybe two years
    ago…i turned it up and figured out that i was missing someone. my young
    believing self. it hurt to realize it how far had wondered…thank you MWS.
    thank you Lord for showing me where i was headed.

  9. LionOfNobility Says:

    I understand this song, I love it. I’m searching for my younger self, the
    boy who could fly, the boy who could fight a thousand armies, the boy who
    wasn’t afraid, I’m learning what it’s like to be me. 😀 Anointed!

  10. ffic4life Says:

    Whether you believe in God or you don’t you can relate to this song. So

  11. mwsaddict Says:

    Glad it could speak to you

  12. T Waguespack Says:

    A song that at times I can truly relate to! and then, all of a sudden, God
    helps me find myself……right in God’s arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Gordon Lyles Says:

    I think it is More of finding that in which the Bible speaks to “Become as
    a Child”

  14. Steve Kinsley Says:

    I thank God for all Christian music, I am so excited for the movie coming
    out in 2014 called Gods Not Dead. One of the disney stars i sin it and he
    is also singing Christian music. It looks like Satan doesnt have his hands
    on all the disney stars.

  15. smoothestones1 Says:

    This whole album is great.

  16. Israel Mohammed Says:

    This is a very beautiful song by one of my favorite Christian Artists. I
    recommend that you listen to his songs and let the presence of Almighty God
    come upon you. Have a Great Day and remember there are many missing persons
    for Christ. Minister unto them and hope that they will return in Jesus’
    perfect timing.

  17. Ry Thomas Says:

    Fell in love with this song when I first came to Christ in the mid 90’s.
    Years later joined the army and got “lost” for 13 years in different
    assignments and projects. Out now trying to find “my missing person” wish
    it was not so rough…

  18. Jesse Reyna Says:

    It’s a great song for realizing who you are in Christ;and when you lose
    sight of that;the lord always knows how to reach us and bring us back home
    to him. He has not lost any that belong to him. Thank you Lord.

  19. FrostieFilly Says:

    Knowing the song’s meaning for this man makes it all the more powerful.

  20. earthalien77 Says:

    there was a boy who had the faith to move a mountain
    And like a child he would believe without a reason
    Without a trace he disappeared into the void and
    I’ve been searching for that missing person…..MY SON (and millions of
    prodigals out there all over the world…)….where are you, where are

  21. ClaymorePT Says:

    Great music!

  22. truthdetector1001 Says:

    I’ve been searching for that missing person. :-)

  23. Sara Lovaglio Says:


  24. Caitlin Fegely Says:

    I probably heard this song when I was alot younger and even then I broke
    down crying.
    … Many years later and still freaking crying to it XD 

  25. Elizabeth Adeyemi Says:

    I used to listen to this song when I was 5 and just moved to america, now
    im 16 and stil love it!

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