Mobile Phones – Designing, Testing and Manufacturing

The process of making mobile phones. From designs on paper, through testing and finally manufacturing the actual product.

24 Responses to “Mobile Phones – Designing, Testing and Manufacturing”

  1. 998wwe998 Says:


  2. stacey675 Says:

    Sweet video. Life without cellphones would be good on some level, but then
    bad on another…

  3. Omer Says:

    i can live without them too..

  4. Natesmodelrailroad Says:

    I want the menu testing opportunity.

  5. Kenneth Tang Says:

    haha no sir, if your birth year is 1979, I’m eight years younger than you

  6. Daret100 Says:

    hi please can you tell me which is this factory and where it is located? I
    really like this video and wanna visit this factory

  7. gambart2002 Says:

    Awesome video. Thanks.

  8. James Ab Says:

    omg look her finger nails an handjob could be dangerous

  9. CDA441 Says:

    that is a siemens

  10. konatadesuka Says:

    OMg, SIEMENS phones, my favorites!!. I watched the video because i
    recognized the board design in the thumbnail.

  11. Jesse Doyle Says:

    2011 ( flatline) ….. tsunami!!!

  12. hervens1 Says:

    Unfortunately I think the tests are getting less and less rigorous these

  13. ralphisok1 Says:

    It’s not tin, it’s lead free alloy soldering.

  14. Matthewtchernev123 Says:

    LG is the worst.

  15. TheCrazyiPodGuy Says:

    haha good one

  16. Harry Hammonds Says:

    Y u dis old phone!!! We ave freaking phablets already!

  17. Rohan Zener Says:

    Mobile phones these days are nothing more than portable croßes between
    telephone and computer.

  18. уфхцчџш Says:

    I miss Siemens phone :/

  19. SymbolX Says:

    Gosh, cellphones were ugly before the iPhone… Thank you Apple! :-0

  20. Błażej Michalik Says:

    Information in this video is misleading as hell. Who would learn anything
    from this?

  21. Mohamed Lakhal Says:

    Thank you !!!

  22. زيد للإتصالات & دكتور موبايل Says:
  23. MrDeviant911 Says:

    HaHa! Life before “Smart” phones. Kind of miss them. When phones were
    phones and not toys. 

  24. موبایل Says:


    […]Mobile Phones – Designing, Testing and Manufacturing[…]

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