Opie & Anthony: The Erock Cell Phone Number Trilogy, Part 1

Episode 1: The Release of Piggy Boy’s Number In a land far, far away, a groggy sensei releases a great secret of his morbidly obese grasshopper. While Hoagie…

12 Responses to “Opie & Anthony: The Erock Cell Phone Number Trilogy, Part 1”

  1. gigaballs Says:

    Right as I start watching, I see a picture which is despicable,
    mean-spirited, insulting, overly-infelicitous, and generally-unkind. And I
    like it.

  2. choongification Says:

    is that eric’s pre-brunch snack?

  3. Archetype77 Says:

    Very nice description, good sir

  4. Archetype77 Says:

    Has anyone ever heard anything like this when they tried to call anyone
    ever? Did they call him with a computer hooked up to the board? Its just
    odd Opie says nothing during it, doesn’t yell “DUMP!!!” and the number is
    read for WAY too long for him not to do that… and nothing like this has
    ever happened. I guess what I’m trying to say is he clearly did it on
    purpose. The real question is: Is it a bit that he pretended it was an
    accident, or did he just immediately regret it and lie?

  5. antivercetti Says:

    You can even hear it in Opie’s voice that he did it on purpose. His voice
    is exactly the same as when he fakes being regretful about goofing on Bobo.

  6. firemaiden34 Says:

    Your name rules!

  7. antivercetti Says:

    +Beannaich Okay, you can think that, but let’s be honest: Opie has never
    given out another number over the air before, and how he (re)acted during
    this entire situation comes off as way too suspicious.

  8. Eric Cook Says:

    The best part of this whole series is when the number is going out and
    Anthony just says “oh”. Kind of like, did that really happen?

  9. rasputinofriffs Says:

    Brilliant description up there.

  10. MrHowe09 Says:

    great picture, a hoagie boy’s dream

  11. Rex Yolo Says:

    The Mohammed Atta line was terrible but hilarious

  12. Thomas Houghton Says:

    That’s not going to be enough Mayo…

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