Opie & Anthony: The Erock Cell Phone Number Trilogy, Part 2

Episode 2: The Wrath of Mayo Tits Slobbo No-walker finally confronts Vader Hughes. Ol’ Pelican Neck starts to talk, but rightfully so he is rudely interrupte…

3 Responses to “Opie & Anthony: The Erock Cell Phone Number Trilogy, Part 2”

  1. Socomwiz Says:

    Opie got cut off early. The part at the end of the show when the total is
    about to get revealed but doesn’t is missing. It goes from Opie being
    vague, then right to Sam taking the guys call upset the total not being

  2. ngudgy Says:

    The show intentionally did that. If you listen to callers, they’re pissed
    because eveyone waits until the end to hear the amount, and Op end the
    program right then. Listen to part 3 and you’ll see that they intentionally
    did that.

  3. Socomwiz Says:

    No, I was listening live and it went a bit further. They said something
    like “and the total is-cut end of show” This version cuts before that. I
    listened again and the show didn’t end with jim saying “Exactly”. There was
    a little more tease before they cut it off and ended the show that day.

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