PINAC Editor Detained for Making Public Records Request … and Planning a Jail Breakout? PINAC editor Jeff Gray has been having great…

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    25 Responses to “PINAC Editor Detained for Making Public Records Request … and Planning a Jail Breakout?”

    1. ohannahdad ohannahdad. Says:

      Never ever ever surrender your ID unless you are accused of committing or
      participating in committing a crime past or current. One can almost expect
      a problem about photographing documents in a police station even though it
      is legal. This handing over ID upon request is unacceptable. Never mind
      this “under duress” nonsense. When has anybody heard of “under duress”
      making ANY difference anywhere in the business of law enforcement?? NOTE: I
      said BUSINESS of law enforcement. That’s because law enforcement IS a
      business. It is necessary to make a profit like any other business, no
      matter how or what!!

    2. Kendall Navstar Says:

      Stop driving your car to these locations Jeff!!! Either walk or have
      someone else drive you there so when the cops stop you they can only
      legally ask for the driver’s license…not yours. And stop talking so
      much!!! How many times do you hear your fans tell you that? LOL!!!

    3. Byron Moreno Says:


    4. RyanStrauchOfficial Says:

      So why did you need to know what people arrived at the sheriffs office?
      That’s really none of your business. 

    5. limitedslip82 Says:

      BUT if you had a big van that said news channel 5 you could record in the
      parking lot all you wanted????

    6. park billy Says:

      Cowards pig terrorist are liars !

    7. Joshua Edwards Says:

      Jeffery Marcus Gray, what kind (brand or model) of dash camera do you use?

    8. mandi williams Says:

      jeff gray you are being a asshole and making us people who stand up for our
      rights look bad you are just trying to make trouble get a life are you that

    9. Lyle I Says:

      Its Public Record its everybody’s business if they want it to be.

    10. James D. Morgan Says:

      I love how the Authorities assume that the video capture is for nefarious
      reasons. If one is going to conduct video surveillance with the intent to
      commit a crime, it would be with hidden cameras. So the argument is
      invalid, and is to justify harassment, intimidation of a citizen who are
      openly exercising their rights. 

    11. C Man Says:

      You must present your drivers license when operating a motor vehicle if you
      are suspected of a crime or not. That’s Texas law anyway, Not sure about
      other states.

    12. Corry H Says:

      I would have sued.

    13. davidgriffin14 Says:

      you must have the exact dash cam that “REPONUT” uses. where everything that
      is black shows up as purple! lol

    14. Ian Battles Says:

      So, I thought police needed Reasonable Articulable Suspicion of a crime to
      be able to detain you…?

      Or does Terry v. Ohio not apply in Florida?

    15. Jason Aguirre Says:

      Sounds like prior restraint to me…

    16. Vern Meyer Says:

      I watch all your videos and I still feel that you are to polite,and forth
      giving your private info to these Ass Nuggets. Please stop letting these
      mentally challenged thugs continue to abuse the badge.

    17. Willy Willis Says:

      The easiest way to do what your doing is to use a body worn covert camera (
      I use 3, a camera pen in my pocket, one in my baseball cap, and one in my
      watch). What I look for is compliance with records requests, and a denial
      could constitute a civil lawsuit, mediation, and/or fine. It’s just my
      personal preference, I’d rather not waste my day in jail, even though the
      case would surely be tossed at a later time.

      I ALWAYS bring someone else with me that also wears a hidden cam who
      stays at a distance just in case, and I act like I don’t know them.

      Sometimes I display a camera in addition to the other hidden cams and
      actually shut it off if requested (most of the time)……..then continue
      my discussion with the pubic official. It’s amazing how stupid they can
      get when they THINK they are no longer being recorded. Then they usually
      say even stupider stuff like quoting laws that don’t exist etc……

      I can say this, I am currently the plaintiff in 7 civil cases where I
      was denied access to public records……….all caught on camera. My
      motive isn’t money, it’s my contributing attempt to change the ego driven
      public officials that have had an almost unlimited rein of corruption, and
      dishonest behavior for way too long.

      Keep in mind that posting on youtube, or any other social media site
      (prior to case conclusion) may hinder the outcome of your civil suit.
      But,….If your intention is to educate the public about the first
      amendment laws we as Americans are entitled to, or to simply expose the
      gross incompetence of our public employees then post away I say, because
      the entertainment valve is also important, LOL.

    18. Shizzle McRizzle Says:

      Ah, the Thought Police practicing their duties of prior restraint. Proof
      positive that you were planning a jailbreak.

    19. Georgia CITIZEN Says:

      I would have loved to see what would had happened if Jeff would have drove
      away after being spotted in his van. DAMN-IT JEFF !!! I WANNA SEE SOME “HOT
      PERSUITS” in a future video!! LMFAO!!!


      Gotta say by the look on the second womans face it said (you want what?
      Well oooook what ever trips your trigger) hehehe

    21. steve davis Says:

      Your too nice, they arent learning anything if you dont stand on your
      rights and say Im doing this underprotest.They still get their way and you
      gain nothing.

    22. notaqua Says:

      You should have refused to give your ID. Just because they say “yes you are
      being detained and you have to give ID”, does not make it true or lawful.

    23. Aleia Le'Gare Says:

      This wasn’t too bad. You got to see the records without any issues and they
      just wanted your info in case you did try and plan a jail break or
      whatever. They actually didn’t do anything wrong in this video.

    24. Jason C. Waite Says:

      Dig’n it man. And dig’n your car cam. Thank you for preserving our
      freedoms. I posted a video like this one on my channel. But I was a little
      more Tupac than you lol. Great job man.

    25. joe blow Says:

      Do you have a job other than running around with a camera? Try this in
      China or Russia. be a man.

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