Prepaid phone cards: Advice from Consumer Reports

People with family or friends overseas spend more than two billion dollars a year on prepaid phone cards. But a Consumer Reports investigation finds it’s buy…

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  1. radicalcheesey Says:


  2. ShineAqua Says:

    Long way to go to say “just use Skype, you Luddite.

  3. jurisdukky Says:

    tracfone uses regular cell minutes for many international destinations

  4. megabreeeze Says:

    for $2.00 what do you expect 9 hour talk time, get over it 2 minutes that
    it of talk time.

  5. PingoPhoneCards Says:

    Great video for looking out for the phone card customer. Just a helpful
    hint to compare Skype Out rates as you may be missing some additional
    savings by comparing virtual phone service providers online.

  6. jrblackout1001 Says:

    I work as a csr for a prepaid calling card company you would not believe
    what i see on a dail basis, yes it sucks but i don’t make the rules, my
    advice…if you dont have internet and don’t have the money to buy a
    calling plan. Buy kroger phone cards if they are vailable, you won’t regret
    it you don’t have a kroger in your local area it may be exhausting but read
    the terms just look for keywords of surcharges, maintanace fee etc.

  7. Vusa Vi Says:

    why don’t you try callingcardstime com

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