Private Investigator Fullerton, CA | Local Fullerton Private Investigators Private Investigator Fullerton, Ca. If you are considering hiring a Fullerton Private Investigator, then you’re in the right place. Western PI is the most experienced private investigator in Fullerton. We handle a full range of services: Surveillance Infidelity Investigations Child Custody Investigations Co-Habitation Verification Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations Background Checks Locating Missing Persons Surveillance We have more than 20 years of experience and excellence conducting private investigations in and around Fullerton. Surveillance is our primary area of expertise. Although many PIs offer surveillance, most simply don’t have the necessary experience. We have spent literally thousands of hours conducting surveillance in and around Fullerton, Ca. We know how to obtain video and photographic evidence. Infidelity Investigations When conducting infidelity investigations in Fullerton, we typically utilize a two pronged approach. We combine surveillance hours with the use of a GPS device on the subjects vehicle, so that we can use surveillance hours at the best possible time. Child Custody Investigations We understand how child custody situations can be. Although we’re private detectives, we are also parents. Our founder, Patrick R. Schneemann, is a father of 7. We take Child Custody Investigations very seriously because we know what it’s like to worry about a child. Co-Habitation Investigations Documenting (with evidence) where someone

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