Public Records Request – Des Moines Police Dept. (2nd VIsit) (8-14-14)

11 Responses to “Public Records Request – Des Moines Police Dept. (2nd VIsit) (8-14-14)”

  1. Jason Aguirre Says:

    Ridiculous. They weren’t even tentative about it. I understand what you are
    doing and why, but have there been any of these situations where you went
    ahead and told them the law? Just curious what their reactions would be
    since they seemed otherwise rational.

  2. Bigmike101202 Says:

    Film everything !

  3. mnpaul Says:

    Where is 3 of 3? Also, are you planning legal action or do you have another
    purpose? Right now I don’t see anyone in your videos being held accountable
    for these violations of the state law. They walk away feeling they have
    done right and you are an idiot, so that isn’t going to solve the problem. 

  4. PlasmaBurns . Says:

    I hope you educate these tyrants.

  5. Cody Benson Says:

    “You guys wanna call somebody and make sure? The Attorney General?” “Nope!”
    The definition of what is wrong with police departments these days. They
    don’t check to make sure the “laws” they’re upholding are actually laws or
    not. They pick and choose to their convenience. 

  6. Heath Harris Says:

    Please follow up, they are required by law to provide that information. You
    should sue or they have no reason to make changes. 

  7. paul pudlow Says:

    in order to get the info you want you need to fill out the request why is
    this hard for you/ you want info in a one-way fashion,you ask for their
    papers but wont show yours…why/

  8. paul pudlow Says:

    they are not denying your request because you did not ask for it
    properly…this is why they have the forms…idiots

  9. papastubbs86 Says:

    I am a Des Moines cop watcher, but I also work in the Surveying and Civil
    Engineering field, I have to obtain public records on a weekly basis, I
    know the Public Record laws. You did not read beyond the part that states
    you’re allowed to “view” records without charge. Section 22.3-D explains
    they may charge a reasonable fee to “copy” records. Sorry to tell you that
    you won’t win your lawsuit on this issue.

  10. Arak Seepoom Says:

    record their faces

  11. Robert Sparling Says:

    Turns out that there is a board for taking complaints. You have to have
    your ducks in a row though – their Primary Job is blowing you off.

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