QoS Lab 2 – AutoQoS VoIP (Router)

As we continue in our month-long parade of QoS videos, QoS Lab 2 offers a demonstration of AutoQoS VoIP on a router. As we’ll discuss in future videos, there are three primary flavors of AutoQoS: (1) AutoQoS VoIP on a router, (2) AutoQoS Enterprise on a router, and (3) AutoQoS VoIP on a switch. In general, the AutoQoS feature allows you to enter one or two commands in a router or a switch and have a very robust QoS configuration applied. This configuration can then be tweaked (typically using the 3-step MQC process covered in the QoS Lab 1 video) if you need to do any customization of the applied policy. This video is on AutoQoS VoIP for router platforms, meaning that it will automatically generate a QoS policy designed to optimize voice quality using appropriate QoS mechanisms available on a router (eg LLQ, CB-WFQ, LFI, or cRTP). Enjoy the video!

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