Search For the Hero – M People (With Lyrics)

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  1. maxsteel86 Says:

    @mrssonikuri I remember the ad 🙂 peugeot, the drive of your life 🙂 lol
    that’s where I first heard this song too!

  2. weirdlightsaber44 Says:

    Reminds me of my old teacher Go mrs d

  3. Elise Andrews Says:

    Me and my dad used to listen to M people all the timeee…he committed
    suicide when I was 6, im now 16….M people is the only thing i remember
    him by…I love you M people <3

  4. Becca Mary Says:

    This was my nan’s funeral song.. her favourite song.. I love you Nana.. <3

  5. Drezzed Says:

    I love this song, it is beautiful and emotional and the words mean a lot.
    Erika 11

  6. fatalskillz609 Says:

    @misssalt11 SAME!

  7. TheWoodstock163 Says:

    brilliant song , will never date

  8. Kimberley Hempshall Says:

    havnt heard this song in over 10 years … brings back some memories xx

  9. Firdosh Patel Says:

    Beautiful and inspiring song.

  10. hugh giles Says:

    listen to this song its really nice thnx

  11. Natalie Herron Says:

    My wee mamma dedicated this song to me Yday 😉 Used 2 think it was cheesy
    but now I get it. Thank u mum my eyes are finally wide open 😀 xxx

  12. Gill Rigby Says:
  13. Joyachan Joseph Says:

    Meaning full words will touch your depth of your heart; to find your own
    hero; in the form of Holy Spirit.

  14. Captain Crazy Says:

    You’re not the maddest of us, there are DW Facebook pages that I’m part of
    with people far madder than you or i lol.

  15. Ben McKenna Says:

    I’ve not heard this song for ages until today at B & Q looking at a
    cordless drill thanks 

  16. Lawren Haggerty Says:

    My granda really wanted this to be played at his funeral. He passed away
    today and I can’t stop crying, I just hope he’s at peace now.

  17. Phoebe Jess Says:

    My mum passed away this was the song at her funeral xx I can’t stop crying

  18. Annie T Says:

    Song of the day
    Search for the hero:M People (Lyrics)
    Dedicated to my good fren who jus lost her battle with cancer.

  19. Irené Potter Says:

    Great song.

  20. Paul McKean Says:


  21. Umberto Fabbietti Says:

    I love this song

  22. Umberto Fabbietti Says:
  23. Filcon David Says:

    “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” —
    Jesus Christ on John 14:1

  24. mike kavanagh Says:

    A special song for all my friends around the world, Hope you all enjoy.

  25. barjumbo1969 Says:

    This is NOT the ‘album version’ that I have (which, I much prefer!).

    Hey, Lawren Haggerty – May your ‘granda’ rest in (eternal) peace. He loved
    you, too. I love you (and, I do not know you!). 

  26. Blue Coaster33 Says:

    Healing’s Dragon

    to locate problems to boost my site!I suppose its ok for making usage of a couple of of your concepts!!

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