Smartphone Awards: 2014!

Best Smartphone options of 2014! The Dream Smartphone, 2014: Top Big Phones [0:55] Best Compact Phones [2:59] Best Smartphone Cameras [4:44] Best Budget …

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    41 Responses to “Smartphone Awards: 2014!”

    1. Marques Brownlee Says:

      This massive new video is live – The 1 stop shop for the best of what came
      out this year!

      *Smartphone Awards: 2014!*

      Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

    2. 911madza Says:

      1.HTC ONE M8
      2.XPERIA Z3
      4.MOTO X 2014
      5.GALAXY NOTE 4
      9278.IPHONE 6

    3. Ryan Dickey Says:

      This makes me happy that I just bought the m8 lol

    4. sguitas Says:

      The people in USA hate samsung so much, because it’s way better than
      apple… all i see is hate for the products of samsung, that nobody can
      tell the truth anymore because people complain 

    5. Evike95Air Says:

      Popularity never defines quality and value.

      Apple’s 6Plus is a nobrainer rippoff. Its the most expensive smartphone on
      the market and performs similar than smartphones half it’s price with even
      less features than those smartphones


    6. Victor Nguyen Says:

      Everyone at my school uses iPhones :P

    7. Satfgk Says:

      Sorry Android fans, but to me the iPhone is still king. It’s the best
      all-round performer (great camera, great screen, great processing/graphics
      performance, great audio, great battery life) and certainly on top when it
      comes to quality craftmanship and a well designed, well thought-through UI.

      If I were to use Android I would definitely use Sony. The next best thing
      as far as premium feel goes and while screens, camera and audio are not as
      good as on the I6, it’s still pretty good and the user interface is quite
      sleek and polished.

      Samsung, LG and HTC get no love from me. 

    8. White Hot Says:

      Android fans swear that stats are the whole experience.

    9. Olivier Lawless Says:

      I have an HTC one m8 atm someone has little tips to improve the experience??


    10. Kevin Quick Says:

      Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is a heck of a phone. I love mine

    11. NoLie6 Says:

      My OnePlus One is still fabulous and outstanding. One word to
      the ridiculous i-diots. All the world know why you buy an iphone: Because
      its the most expensive one.You are buying it as STATUS SYMBOL, because you
      have no self-respect, and wants just to buy it. The rest of the world just
      does not need such a thing. Because we are self-confident. We don’t need
      that someone whats us, because he thinks we have money! You are so poor
      loser I have no words for. You i-diot folks have no clue about technology,
      and you don’t buy because of features. The iphone 6 has the outdated
      display resolution than my 2.5 year old galaxy s3. That is what apple
      reached: Group the most birdbrained people around them and squeeze as much
      money out of them as possible. I have no doubt that apple could make the
      iphone 300-400 dollar more expensive, and you i-diots will still buy it
      without grumbling. Why? Because you need it as STATUS SYMBOL, therefore it
      can not be too expensive. You are so poor.

    12. MoonWolf Says:

      My top 5 Would be
      1) HTC One M8-No flaws
      2)IPhone 6/6+-Amazing phone, but no front Facing speakers, and not as
      pretty screen
      3)Oneplus1-cheap yet powerful
      4)LG G3-Pretty screen, lacks battery and build quality, a teeny bit of lag
      5)Note 4-Great software, but after 4 breakages, only 1 my fault on s4,
      never again can I buy samsung

    13. Timothy Valkenhoff Says:

      That Blackberry at 8:57 is the ugliest phone I have ever seen. I would
      rather have a windows… :/

    14. Blas Guris Says:

      Man, I really wish android was perfect, but the only real reason I have an
      apple is because android has some serious lag and crash problems. Also, I
      can’t send large videos over text like I can on iMessage, and there are way
      more apps on Apples App Store, as well as higher quality apps. Android is
      so close with their lollipop update, maybe I’ll check up on them when my
      contract expires….

    15. Skibbs Says:

      In my opinion, iPhones are overrated. Yes iPhones are fast but they’re also
      simple, it doesn’t offer half as much features than an android phone, you
      don’t get much customisation to any iPhone and apple really don’t improve
      their phones, it’s basically just wasting your money on the same phone
      every year but with a bigger screen and almost un-noticeable faster speed.
      If you disagree with my opinion, please feel free to comment a constructive
      criticism; I will just ignore anyone swearing, or using excessive caps to
      try and intimidate me or undermine my opinion. 

    16. KYBZ Says:

      LG G3 or HTC One M8?

    17. Elmano Locko Says:

      Hey Marques… which 1 to get between the LG G 3 and the LG G Vista?

    18. PassbyU Says:

      I got robbed two week ago. and I don`t have enough budget to get a new one
      T T

    19. Giuseppe Vill Says:

      Contando che ha provato quasi tutti i telefoni che esistono e che è uno dei
      recensori più bravi direi che dobbiamo essere fieri del nostro mostro……

    20. Matt N Says:

      Hate Samsung. Every time I get a Samsung all is good then after a few
      months I have to reset phone because it becomes sooooooo slow plus the
      plastics yuk. 

    21. bxrk Says:

      The people who say android is cheaper , are the ones who have 50 dollar
      androids from metro pcs , and shouldn’t be Anywhere near this conversation.
      All flagship androids cost the same as an iPhone . Around 600-650 . 

    22. Blake Carver Says:

      My top 3 criteria for a phone is
      1. Good Camera
      2. Compact
      3. Android
      What is my best bet for a phone using those criteria? 

    23. Mellow Monkey Says:

      Top 5:

      1. iPhone 6 Plus
      2. Sony Xperia Z3
      3. Nexus 6
      4. OnePlus One
      5. Note 4

    24. Aditya Kulkarni Says:

      Hello guys I’m really stuck bitween

      Samsung Galaxy s5
      Lg G3
      Oneplus one
      Moto x
      Htc one m8
      Or other of your suggestions!
      And please explain!!

      Ps. My birthday is in September so maybe if anything new comes out which is
      good I also might get it!

    25. Jovan TrendMaker Says:

      He stole all that phones WTF???

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