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Time Travel? Woman Talking on Cell Phone in Charlie Chaplin Movie

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US ~ Time Bandit Steals Show in Chaplain Classic… With the recent coverage of time travelers documented in photographs from the past it was only a matter of time before such a being was uncovered in a motion picture. And now one blog has posted footage of what some believe to be a woman talking on a cell phone in Charlie Chaplain’s classic 1928 film “The Circus.” As this latest time traveler takes the internet by storm let’s delve into what it could and couldn’t possibly be. A youtube user first covered the mysterious figure passing by and the blog Forgotomori made suggestions about the various things it could be. After looking at the film several times it does seem like something strange is going on with a woman dressed in black. The scene happens during a transition as passersby move in front of the camera behind an elephant. And now the elephant in the room is the behavior of one woman wearing a top hat as she walks behind the creature apparently talking excitedly into something she holds to her face. Although her features are obscured enough to make a detailed identification impossible, it is apparent she is talking and smiling as she walks alone and holding something to her face in the way others would when talking into cell phones today. Is this a technological simulacrum from another time? Are we looking at evidence that time travel exists at some point in the future? And of course if time travel exists at some point in the future

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