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Are we all going to HAVE TO be total liars to protect our privacy ?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Ive only recently joined the Internet/computer world and Im fully and completely blown away at the info, that I can get at the click of a mouse !!
Ive recently done an exhaustive email address search for my brother in law and was shocked at what is available out there.
SSN databases, phone co. databases, search engine databases, birth registries, death registries, marriage registries, financial databases, its friggin’ endless ! And every time we search stuff and are "required" to fill in our info. to get the info. we need, they collect it and add it to their databases !

It seems to me its just a matter of time before "everything" is out there from cross-referencing etc…

It seems to me protecting our privacy is slowly getting out of our control….unless we lie our asses off. What do you think folks ?
I caught on pretty quick to the alias thing but what do you do when, for example you get your new hi-speed internet hooked up and they require 2 pcs. of I.D. ? Fake I.D.? Im only using free email because its "anonymous." How do we raise our kids ?

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