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Battlefield 3 ★Infantry Assault Gameplay on Strike at Karkand B2K★ (Voip/Mic teamwork)

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

** Modern Editors brings you gameplay footage Strike at Karkand infantry assault playing from the American side USMC NATO using the G3A3 and teamplay/Voip** Gameplay video of medic/assault on the Back to Karkand Strike at Karkand map using the G3A3 and med packs and my buddy supporting with the grenade launcher. Starring: MEKingbuns, MEBozothecat TAGS PC PS3 XBOX 360 bf3 battlefield “battlefield 3” Battlefeild DICE montage footage clip gameplay tank vehicle “Medic Class” “Assault Class” kill kills tricks tips trick tip guns amazing good great nice heli sick cool moderneditors “modern editors” Karkand “Strike at Karkand” B2K “Back to Karkand” Infantry” Assault G3A3 Holagraphic scope unlocks controls fail epic ownage “vs heli” “vs helicopter” “vs tanks” tutorial crew gunner online multiplayer teamwork teamplay voip MEBlinkspy

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