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Philosopher’s Stone Spirit Radio Brane-Power Portal Amulet

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 From EJ Gold on the Portal Ammy: I was fooling around on my workbench a few days ago, mucking about with a variety of elements, the result of which is my newest discovery, the Portal Ammy. What this does specifically: 1. It tunes you in to any nearby Portal into some Parallel Worlds. 2. It “softens” the Portal, enabling you to see and hear through it. 3. It sometimes makes it easier to meld through the Portal. 4. It can also CLOSE the Portal, making “rebirth” less probable in certain circumstances. 5. It does not have the same effect as the Black Diode in that it is far more specific to softening, opening and closing Portals. The specific action of the Portal Ammy is to “see” and “hear” into alternate worlds. It would be very useful in “haunted” houses where the Brane skins are very transparent already. It could be useful in locating missing items or possibly for psychics working with investigators in missing persons cases. It might also be useful for obtaining information not available through normal channels. The most obvious use is in “witching” water or gold. I have had a few people not normally “psychic sensitives” locate both water and gold deposits very successfully, however, the laws governing gold mining are now very strict and it is no longer possible in most cases to actually extract the gold with all the BLM restrictions and regulations. We found about half an ounce in just under an hour, which is NOT enough to justify quitting the

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