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A Clear and Present Danger to the Liberties of Tennessee Residents.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

If you or a loved one is ever placed in a hospital for observation even though nothing is found to be wrong with you the state of Tennessee classifies you as a mental defective, if that is not bad enough they report it to the FBI national instant check system so it follows you everywhere in the world. IF this was a criminal act and you were found not guilty the state of Tennessee still keeps the police arrest record, so in effect even if you’re found not guilty and your record is expunged there is still an arrest record that can be found through any public records search. In effect the citizens of Tennessee have a clear and present danger from the state to your personal liberties and privacy. How do I know this? Well I am going through it right now, I had got into an argument with a doctor over who owns the rights to my body he had the police picked me up accusing me of being suicidal, and had them bring me to an emergency room and when I did not cooperate with that Doctor because I was taken against my will, they put me in a mental institution for observation. After my observation time was up the judge released me and said NOTHING WAS WRONG with me. Two weeks later my handgun carry permit and right to own firearms has been revoked even though I was found to be perfectly sane. The state of Tennessee also reports this to the FBI so I will never be able to get a security job driving a truck again even if I get surgery to get my medical problems fixed. I will never be able