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Help locating a missing relative?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

My uncle who had a mental illness disappeared in 1981. We were able to find out that his SS# was active until 1994. He depended on my mom for everything, so we know he didn’t intentionally leave (he was on his way out to come stay with her from AZ to MO).

We tried the PD, and didn’t get anywhere. We even tried Unsolved Mysteries (apparently our story wasn’t "exciting" enough). We searched deceased records, hospitals, jails & prisons (he had Schizophrenia (sp?) and always thought cops were after him). We tried buying those books that teach you how to be your own detective. (we can’t afford a real one). I already tried that adult missing persons site, but you have to have info we DON’T have to be able to submit a form.

Is there anything we haven’t haven’t tried out there that soeone may know of? I heard of a girl finding her family on My Space but haven’t figured that one out yet. Any ideas (please no physics). Need REAL info. thx.